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These are the patchnotes according to the Galaxy Client.

Also I like to point out, that this small team is able and willing to put so much effort by including that much controller support, while a lot of the big ones don't even bother with directInput anymore!

Now I need to get a Windows 3.11 Version to try that one out as well. The DOS-Versíon works great! Just one question: WHY??? Why do they make a Win 3.11 and DOS-Version? It is cool that it exist but strange none the less. :D

And also: I LOVE THIS GAME!!! <3

Patch 1.55 / 1.55A (08 February 2016)
- corrected the framerate locking which occurred with some Linux graphics drivers.
- added more pre-mapped controller bindings.
- The newly added XInput support means that Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers should work better, and all other XInput compatible controllers will now be automatically detected and pre-mapped. Although they're pre-mapped, you can remap them however you like.
- As for other controllers, these non-XInput compatible controllers still use DirectInput. For your convenience, RCR automatically pre-maps 42 different DirectInput controllers, but you can also remap them however you like.
- Don't worry if yours isn't listed. It just means you need to map it yourself.

- All XInput Compatible Controllers
- Xbox 360 Controller for Windows [0x028E045E]
- Xbox 360 Wireless Controller via Play & Charge Kit [0x028F045E]
- Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows [0x0291045E]
- Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows [0x0719045E]
- XBOX One For Windows [0x02D1045E]
- PS4™ DUALSHOCK®4 Controller [0x05C4054C]
- PS3 Controller [0x03088888]
- PS3 Controller [0x0268054C]
- PS3 dual shock [0x00050925]
- Afterglow PS3 Controller [0x08361A34]
- USB Joystick (PS2 adapter) [0x00030E8F]
- Twin USB Joystick (PS2 adapter) [0x00010810]
- PS2 USB [0x00030810]
- OUYA Controller [0x00012836]
- RetroUSB RetroPad [0x0003F000]
- RetroUSB Super RetroPort [0x00F1F000]
- Gtron SNES USB [0x00110079]
- Mad Catz Xbox 360 Controller # [0x47160738]
- Mad Catz Pro for Xbox 360 [0x47260738]
- Mad Catz Xbox 360 controller 4736 [0x47360738]
- Mad Catz BrawlStick (Controller) [0xF0191BAD]
- Logitech Dual Action [0xC216046D]
- Logitech(R) Precision(TM) Gamepad [0xC21A046D]
- Logitech RumblePad 2 USB [0xC218046D]
- Logitech F710 Gamepad [0xC219046D]
- GameStop Gamepad [0x0000FFFF]
- HORI DOA4 Stick [0x000A0F0D]
- Joytech SE for 360 [0xBEEF162E]
- Pelican XSZ Wired Controller (Model #PL-3601) [0x02010E6F]
- G-Shark GS-GP702 [0x00060079]
- Acme [0x00120E8F]
- Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Power [0xB300044F]
- GamePad Pro USB [0x40010428]
- SVEN X-PAD [0x333111FF]
- Multilaser JS071 USB [0x310D0E8F]
- NYKO AIRFLO [0x4D01124B]
- PowerA Pro Ex [0xCA6D20D6]
- Saitek P2500 [0xFF0C06A3]
- Trust GTX 28 [0x00030E8F]
- Thrustmaster Dual Analog 3.2 [0xB315044F]
- Rock Candy Gamepad for PS3 [0x011E0E6F]
- iBuffalo USB 2-axis 8-button Gamepad [0x20600583]
And they haven't fixed the various little glitches, although props to them for the controller support I guess.
Although the controller mappings have never been an issue for me, I appreciate this.

I'd been using a Logitech F310, and have used a Logitech Dual Action AND an Xbox 360 (wired) controllers. All of them have worked just fine.
Man this guy is on Fire. 2016 and there are still updates and even a DOS-Version :)
If he could compile it for ARM CPUs now so that Raspberry Pi users(and others) could enjoy it natively it would be awesome too. Recalbox or Retropie are just perfect for this.