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Restaurant Empire was the first game that I think I really fell in love with for the PC. I would like just to give my testimonial to the game play. I actually was the first to put it on the wishlist, and it turned up on GOG, so I figure I owe it to you to say why I suggested it.
The reason the game is so lovely is the simplistic nature of the game. Obviously it isn't something for hardcore gamers, so if you are looking for some really in depth simulation experience, this probably isn't for you.
Restaurant Empire has a charm of its own in the way that it boils down controls to basic hotkeys, game play difficulty is adjustable the whole way, and it really seems like a game designed for little kids, but it has a message that can be incorporated into the adult world. Now I won't tell you what that is, it would give away the story, but I can tell you that it is fairly relevant to events that are happening. Another interesting thing is that it uses an unlock system for furniture and dishes, and you can unlock these in some very interesting ways. Due to this, it's interesting to see what you will get next, and keeps your attention. Also, just as a side not, the game does touch on some real ways of managing a restaurant, and while it certainly isn't a learning tool, it can be fun learning about new foods you may want to try to make in your real life, especially if you love to cook.
So closing thoughts, great simple game play, a storyline that serves its purpose, and a long list of unlockables, makes this game a great buy. Especially for $10.