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Replaying this classic, well-written adventure game, I'm pondering the moral quandary presented -- whether to allow or prevent a breakthrough that could change the world when you don't know whether it's for the better or worse. It's the same quandary faced by Einstein re: radioactivity.

So, put simply: would you have opened the vault, or destroyed it?

Personally, I would have destroyed it, knowing the things that Anna knew upon finding it. It's too much of a leap for humanity for a thing like Resonance to be widely disseminated, especially when its very first iteration is as a weapon. But I wouldn't say definitively that it would be right to do so.
I would have opened the vault (actually, that was what I "told" Anna to do, not that it changed anything to the game). It would be naive to believe that Dr. Morales would be the only person capable of discovering Resonance; if he could, others would be able to. Better to be around when the technology is made known to the world and in a position to try to establish the rules amd agreements that will govern it.