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I just bought the game and have been running into some problemas to setting up it properly.

I'm trying to go with the Direct3D approach, since it doesn't seem to have proper widescreen support, but the menu screen seems to be locked at 640x480. The problem here is that it seems this resolution on my monitor gets "cut" on the left (and maybe the right) sides, and, for instance, on the keybindings page I can't see the whole menu, so I don't know what is the map option referring to.

I've had the same problem with Dos Box games (As it goes to the same resolution), but managed to solve it through a Autoexec.cfg value, but here doesn't seem to be anything.

Any ideas on how to deal with this? Thanks!
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You should use 3dfx nglide instead of Direct3D. There is a nglide_config file in the game folder where you can edit things like resolution, aspect ratio, refresh rate etc.

I attached some screens. This is how the ingame menu etc. does look like for me with the settings used in the nglide config screen.
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Nothing >.<

I tried that configuration (which seems to be the default one) and launching from 3dfx.exe instead from the launch shortcut, from Galaxy, from the launch shortcut and after specifying to use 3DFX on the "config.exe" file.

This is how the key bindings screen appears:
meh.jpg (107 Kb)
Neurus_Ex: This is how the key bindings screen appears:
Looks ok in my opinion.
Because the computer trolled me and I did not checked properly the shot, lol. Kids, that's what happens when you are too tired.

Anyway, here's a shot of the screen, which is not a screenshot because I did it with the mobile phone and I hate myself for doing it.

EDIT: Somehow I can't attach the screenshot. Imgur link:
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Late reply, so I don’t know if you still care at this point. However I also had an issue with the game menu being locked to a lower resolution, though in my case, it was causing my game to hang when I paused the game due to the computer having to constantly switch resolutions. I got dgVoodoo2 and put everything in the MS folder (NOT 3DFX folder) and replaced the DDraw.dll file. This broke functionality with the D3D version of the game, but forcing resolution in dgVoodoo2 made the menus finally in native resolution and I could see everything.