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I can't figure out how to use the key configuration screen. In particular, whenever I press a mouse button *anywhere* in the screen, it maps the button I press to whatever action is currently selected. If the mouse button is already mapped to the selected action, it unmaps it. So for example, I want LMB mapped to "Fire". So I click on "Fire" to select it and then click again to map LMB. Fine. But then I click on "OK" to exit the screen and it *unmaps* LMB before dismissing the screen.

Another example: I click on "Move backward" to select it and press "K" to map that letter (I use the right-hand equivalent of a WASD setup for movement). Fine. Then I click on "OK" and it prompts me saying that LMB is in use and do I want to remap it? Huh!? If I answer "No" the screen won't close. If I answer "Yes" my LMB mapping is reset and the screen closes, leaving me with LMB mapped to "Move backward".

In short, if I have *any* action selected in the actions list, and click *anywhere* with the mouse (including a click in the scroll bar), it acts like I'm attempting to map that mouse button (or unmap if already mapped) to the selected action. Or to put it another way, I can't interact with this screen using the mouse without changing my mouse button action mappings.

Can someone explain how to use this screen such that my mouse buttons are set to the actions I want and don't change unless I explicitly do so?

(BTW I know this is an issue with the game itself and not the GOG version because I wrote a note about it to myself many years ago when first playing the game. I guess I figured it out then because I remember playing it, but unfortunately the note doesn't describe whatever solution I found at that time. :-/ )
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Never mind. I figured it out (after years of bafflement :-). Because I use the mouse with my left hand, I switch the primary and secondary buttons via Windows Control Panel. This switch apparently confuses Requiem rather completely. If I switch my buttons back to the standard configuration, then configure Requiem, then switch the buttons back, everything works as I'd like.

FWIW I've found that very few games properly handle a system with the primary and secondary mouse buttons switched (listening, game developers?). Requiem's response to this atypical configuration is by far the most confusing I've encountered, however.