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Hi all,

We've uploaded version 35.19 of Reprisal Universe for both PC and Mac :) Please download the installer of your choice in order to have the latest and greatest version of the game :)



- Mouse edge screen scrolling when in full screen mode
- Options added to have 'no kindle' option available to 1up and cpu players
- 'Flag speed' option added for faster games
- Above two functions available in options when viewing island overview screen
- Display of how many islands left to unlock the universe
- Complete Font overhaul :D

Bug Fixes

- Overall game percentage displays correct values
- Amulet corrections made. A correct amount of amulets now present in Universe!
- Players names can now be 2 or more characters
- Island 2 now made easier
- Kindle AI balancing
- Esc key windows game and restores it to fullscreen
- Correct display of last settled players in Universe
- Wonder punch bug fixed
- When paused on 'timed' islands, counter is paused
- Fixed Populants standing still when there are lots and given a command

Thanks and have a nice day :)
Nice, I've been playing with the new settings, and so far I prefer normal flag speed, no kindling. It plays roughly similar to how it was before, but without scrolling frantically around the map to kick people out of their houses. Turning off kindling does seem to make it more important to get castles though, because those seem to spawn people faster.

Not sure about the edge scrolling, it sounded great, but it's not fluid enough to actually be great, and sometimes when I want to use a power I also scroll around the map accidently.

Anyway, it's great to see the developer still actively working on tweaking this thing based on feedback!