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Over the course of maybe an hour or so of playing everything takes longer and longer to complete. Loading in and out of combat takes longer, showing the results of combat takes longer, displaying and resolving challenges takes longer, changing locations on the world map takes longer...

The game itself takes up 1GB of memory at that point. Restarting it clears that problem up for another while. Freshly started the game takes up 620mb of memory.

Is this a memory leak? Are you internally amassing objects that aren't freed up? 's rather weird.

I am using Windows 7 HP (64bit) and both addons for the game.

(As a side issue: In late missions I am amassing more tokens than there seems to be space for them on the screen, causing them to overlap regular GUI elements. Some sort of "this token means 10 of these" shorthand might be useful, to keep that mass down.)
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