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Changelog for Patch 459 / (Windows, Linux and Mac) (added 12 September 2017):

- Fixed small bug in achievements, also added more debug info for future achievement bugs
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Changelog for patch 466 / (Windows) / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 16 October 2017):


- A few new events have been added for your entertainment!
- A new treasure has been added for your entertainment!
- You can now see your Renown milestones after each expedition in the leaderboards


- Hunger penalties are more consistent now. Probably going to hurt a lot more and less ALT+F4 prone.
- You now start with 8 supplies. HURRAY!
- Changed Yu's perk to +2 Encounter if Yu succeeds on the adventure wheel. +4 research from Encounter tokens.
- Egypt and Andes a bit cheaper to travel
- The Treasure Hunt/Secret/Discovery per Encounter Entourage has been lowered to only give those tokens per boss encounter. Price down to 500 Campaign.
- Ivan gets +3 supplies after the second and third expedition
- Hojo's card only fires on rank A treasures
- Harry and Min-Jeong's card now only give +1 Status for Study/Collect per roll
- Boost from Secret Report lowered to 25%
- Switched the side effects of the llama tradepost and the forsaken village in the Inca expedition
- Corsair Coin now gives surprise and an aura that negates the Escalated Speech Defense penalty. Price up to 450.
- Muscat is now a 2 level store. Haggler's Pot is now always unlocked, while the Turban is now after the upgrade with the Corsair Coin and Telescope
- All higher level Moscow trinkets are 50g more expensive (from level 4 and on).
- Fire Piston gives Survivalist - Camping
- Sheriff badge now also gives military history
- Movement bonus from binoculars moved to boomerang
- Hammer and Binoculars moved a step down in Sidney
- Barometer moved a step down in Sidney
- King of thieves triggeres on 30/45/60 speech
- Grand Minister gives Generous instead of Negotiations
- Spyglass also gains Survivalist - Spotting instead of bluffing.


- Fixed achievements sometimes not triggering when skipping Emperor's Challenge Trophy Room animation
- Fixed hang upon returning to Overworld after saving/loading on an expedition after all shops had been unlocked
- Fixed Helper challenges not triggering when using Min-Jeong as captain
- Duplicating Irene's Skull fixed
- Voodoo Queen now only spawns once
- Fixed Java Man skull cave. For real this time!
- Fixed trinket swap exploit
- Fixed crash when deleting local leaderboard entry
- Lots of other small event fixes
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Changelog for patch 483 / (Windows) / (Mac) (added 14 December 2017):


- Challenge #100 celebration!
- Added Hall of Fame to main menu for community members


- Fixed save game corruption when deleting profiles in some cases
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Changelog for Patch 489 (added 18 May 2018):

- Pumpkin King gives 2 campaign per Quick Thinker instead of 3.
- Crown of Thorns no longer gives Renown
- Charles gets Hunting instead of Cooking
- Power of Secrets gives 15-20 Status/Gold instead of 20-25
- Improved Vikings Landing Gold and Research output a bit

- Fixed crash on first launch if there is no internet connection
- Fixed something that refrained Pedrinho's event to fire in Egypt.
- Fixed Crown of Thorns hunger issues.
- Fixed ice cream truck event
- Fixed abbess event
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Changelog for Patch 503 (06 September 2018):

- Made Renowned Explorers fully GDPR (new EU privacy regulations) compliant
- Updated some runtime libraries for future proofing
- Slightly improved overall performance

- Fixed Kwame/Executioner's Axe exploit
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Changelog for Patch 508 (added 14 September 2018):

- hotfix for version 503
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Changelog for Patch 512 (added 12 November 2018):

- Fixed issue with game not being able to find d3dcompiler_47.dll
- Fixed various Linux and MacOS startup issues
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Changelog for Patch 516 (added 13 December 2018):

- New expedition! Explore the Middle-East in the new 5-star Holy Lands expedition!
- Added main menu theme selection to the settings
- Added setting to disable campfire reminders

- Harry's captain perk brought down a bit to 75% more gold from Treasure Hunt
- Harry's Cone upgrade now has a lower range.
- Phailin's captain perk brought down to 3%
- Changed the Voodoo Treasure Pool A to focus more on Study & Discovery
- Lucky Gold down to 20% extra gold.
- JP's card gets Astonishing besides Storytelling
- Star of Africa gives another bonus
- Nerfed paramawhatsherface a little
- Necromancer's temple is a bit easier
- Incan Spirit Scepter now doesn't give collect for Cultural bonus anymore, but all other bonuses are increased by 1 (3 Encounter, 4 Study, 4 Campaign) and insight increased by 1.
- All villages in Mali give some supplies
- Pedrinho's FUNraiser slightly better

- St. Irene skull giving wrong choices
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Changelog for Patch 520 (added 18 December 2018):

- Fixed crash upon entering Holy Land for people missing The Emperor's Challenge
- Fixed crash while loading some specific save games
- Fixed Holy Grail sometimes not being awarded
- Fixed enemies attacking each other in Holy Land
- Fixed some missing event pictures
- Fixed some typos and missing strings

- Slightly eased up Holy Land by lowering supply cost and lowering Cat speech attack
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Changelog for Patch 522 (added 21 December 2018):

- Fixed missing treasure in Holy Lands
- Fixed exploit that could grant infinite tokens on expeditions