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I keep getting "Server problem" when trying to download the unrated extra. Is there a work around for this?
heres the same :)

they'll take time I presume. They probably got a lot of stuff during the year changin.
But its in your rooster :D.. will work sooner or later anyway ..

I had this before...then worked mostly one two days later.
Have a good day( or night us?^^)
I mentioned this to the staff of Sekai Project in their Discord group and a moderator said he'd be forwarding the issue.

I also tried mentioning this to GOG, but a random comment in the forum will probably go unnoticed by GOG's staff, the mandatory bot they put in the support page is atrocious and I can't bypass it, and the moderator I mentioned this to in DM was probably asleep or not at work when I sent the message.
Looks like the file is now downloadable. =D
_Auster_: Looks like the file is now downloadable. =D
Can you please confirm, is it fixed?
WesLesley: Can you please confirm, is it fixed?
The staff member I DM'd said he could download it fine a few hours ago, and now I can download it as well from both gogrepo and the library page.

And both installers worked fine for me, and I can confirm that at least the first boss battle gets "uncensored" with the patch.
And "uncensored" in quotations mark because the patch only changes the image from clothes blocking the view to the character getting nude, but with mosaic censorship.
Expected from japanese culture/ style ne?..
So in this case they think its uncensored enough ;))
Check japanese porn/ censorship laws. Its funny..

A lot about hair and skin and mosaic xD
So is the problem fixed? I am here from the review that says it doesn't work but that was 2 years ago