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Changelog for Relicta: Aegir Gig & Ice Queen - Update 1.10 (added 15 April 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (15 April 2021)
A lot has happened in these months, don't think that we haven't been working! To thank you for all your support and love, today we bring you a very special update.
We’re excited to announce that Relicta: Aegir Gig & Ice queen is live now on GOG! Enjoy this free update, available to all players that include two new adventures on the Chandra Base. More dangers! More mysteries! And, of course, more puzzles!

Update Notes

Aegir Gig

- Play as Nic, a bioengineer tasked with testing the gravitomagnetic interfaces in the environments he helped design for AEGIR Labs years before the events of the main game, with even more challenging puzzles to solve as you experience the Chandra Base in a whole new way. Including:
- 12 additional puzzles.
- A completely new story!

Ice Queen

- Follows the events in the main story, as you play as one of the survivors of Chandra Base after the end of Relicta. Alone in the depths of the moon, you will discover:
- A new Bioma.
- 12 additional puzzles.
- Two new mechanics.
- Know what happened in the derelict lunar base!

After updating, you will find this new content on your main menu whatever the status of your game was. However, we recommend having finished the original story to keep up to date with the story and get to know the mechanics as much as possible. The new puzzles have no mercy on anyone...