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Changelog for update 1.25 / GOG-3 (Windows) / GOG-? (Mac) / GOG-2 (Linux) (added 30 march 2017):
- This update should correct a bug on Windows machines with touch support. You should be able to interact with a mouse properly now.

Patch 1.24:
- The game is now available in Chinese and Korean.

Patch 1.23:
- This is a content update that should unlock the two impossible objectives (the hat and the printer - which apparently has been discovered by some people already). Also preparing the Japanese version of the game (it's playable but we still have to correct a couple of texts).

Patch 1.22 :
- This update should solve the corrupt data bug. If that happened to you, try pressing "r" for 5 sec to reset the game. If it doesnt work, try to locate the local game files and delete them (generally in C:\Users\\AppData\LocalLow\devolver\reigns or Users/username/library/cache/devolver/reigns on Mac ). The bug happened when the game was not closing properly, creating faulty game save and unfortunately, I can't retrieve them. Try to press "esc" and use the "quit" button to save your progress. If you still have the problem, it may be because the game can't write in the local game file (the dir described up there).
- This update is also an attempt at solving some of the crashes encountered at start. Still looking into some of these. Feel free to ask for refund if it doesn't work for you.
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Changelog Update for patches released on the same day (added 30 March 2017):

- This free update adds more than 100 new cards including:
-- 1 new character
-- 3 new deaths
-- 5 new objectives
-- 1 fake elephant
- The main plot should be slightly easier to solve now. The game should be slightly less repetitive. If you want to reset the game, press R for 5 seconds. Thank you for the amazing welcome you gave Reigns!
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Reigns: Her Majesty

Changelog for Transformations update (added 20 July 2018):

* We've just added 200 new cards, 3 new characters and 5 new deaths. This version should also solve some issues (like the mirror death).
* If you encounter issues within the game, try to reset it (press R for 5 seconds).
Thanks for playing!