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The game seems to block everytime I try to go fishing.
I can select my bait, but after that, the sound seems to be ok (I think I hear some fish swimming) but my screen only show Kay on the peer and nothing else. I can press Esc for the menu but that's all, I have a message telling me that I can't skip this cutscene (but I cannot see it) if I press another key.
I've put a screenshot in attachement of the display.

Is there a fix or something to be done to repair that part ?
Or is it possible to contact the devs to report this sort of issues ?

I'm currently at the chapter 3, never tried to go fishing before and I have Shichiroji max bond.
I run the v.1.2 GOG Royal Edition (Ingame) and the 1.2A HOTFIX on the GOG client.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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