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1.07 PATCH - 2017/08/29

You’ve made it known and we listened - finally the new level scaling system is live! That being said, we didn’t want to break the wheel, rather make the challenge more consistent and to give you more space to enjoy your accomplishments in the game. We believe that this is the best of both worlds but you should be the judges of that - let us know what you think about those changes on the forum!

- Scaling for enemies is no longer unlimited. Various factors affect and limit the upper level the enemies can scale up to
- Difficulty level now affects the scaling limit for enemies. Lower difficulty levels will impose harsher limits on the enemies scaling, while higher difficulties will let them scale up more
- Story progression now affects the scaling limit for enemies. Early chapters will limit enemies' scaling more harshly. Players focusing on XP gains will now feel significantly stronger
- Dungeons now affect the scaling limit of enemies. Locations marked as "Easy" will now scale slowly, which ensures that they remain easy no matter what level they are approached at
- Some enemies have had their stat scaling adjusted for a more predictable difficulty curve

- When equipping weapons or trinkets on a character, the game will now show a comparison tooltip of the presently equipped item in that slot for easier reference
- Mouse cursor is now confined to the game's window for all your multi-monitor users (thanks to our backer Stephen "Stoibs" D for bringing this to our attention!)
- Various stability improvements and bug fixes that will make your life more easier and Regalia more enjoyable
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