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1.06 PATCH - 2017/06/14


- Added a new Nightmare difficulty level to the game.
- Added an option to customize the difficulty levels of battles in Story and Regular modes. Players can now tweak the amount of damage dealt and received and also apply additional gameplay modifiers, ie. getting an Authority Point whenever an enemy is defeated.
- Added a Restart button to all battles.
- Added a small indicator showing which character is currently being deployed.
- Added tooltips to the character schedules menu.
- Personal Bond levels are now shown on the character selection list in the bond menu for easier access.
- Unread Codex entries are now clearly marked as such.
- Improved the readability of the Personal Bond rewards screen.


- Reduced Henrietta's damage scaling by 10%.
- Reduced Henrietta's Judgement range by 1.
- Reduced Theo's Dread Lance damage by 10%.


- Fixed items and perks not applying resistances to debuffs.
- Fixed rare cases of Personal Bond quests getting stuck.
- Fixed progress being lost for crafting-related kingdom quests.
- Fixed the "Craft 25 items" achievement.
- Fixed Esther's Personal Bond quest requiring 4000 DLC instead of 2000.
- Fixed perk and item equip menus persisting after the menu is closed.
- Fixed perk and item menus scrollbar positions after the menu is opened.
- Fixed a broken tab indicator for the quests submenu.
- Fixed crafting filters not resetting themselves when a crafting menu is opened.
- Fixed UI elements dropping down when the Start Battle button is clicked.
- Fixed being able to incorrectly skip some of the cutscenes.
- Fixed instances of Gunther's Personal Bond indicator displaying incorrectly.
- Fixed the issue with the final boss' passive ability triggering incorrectly.
- Fixed the "Lose no Health" combat challenge.
- Fixed Mifune's Stag ability damage when targetting a Large enemy.
- Fixed Esther's Contraption destroying all obstacles in range when its attack is used.