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I noticed several reviews on GOG's Redout store page mentioning that they had problems getting their gamepad to work.

Could someone please confirm if this problem is still present in the latest version or if it has been fixed.
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Same here, would like to know. I have very nice controllers, and a serious lack of nice controller games. This could be one, if it's controller friendly.
BlackSun: Same here, would like to know.
I just gave it a try myself with two different controllers, this is the result:

Using a Wired XBox 360 controller worked fine, it detected the gamepad on start and even changed the button prompts to match the controller.

Using a Rii Pro Wired Game Controller did not work, wouldn't detect the gamepad and defaulted to keyboard control.

I also did a bit of reading and it appears the XBox 360 controller detects without a problem but some users are reporting the Xbox One controller does not.

Other users are also reporting that so long as the gamepad supports "XInput" not "DirectInput" Redout can detect it.

So in summary: If you have a Wired XBox 360 controller laying about, you are good to go. Otherwise proceed with caution.
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Alright, so, here's some additional insight / confirmation:

The game is working fine with any and all controllers that support Xinput - which is the "new", standardized way of taking gamepad inputs that was introduced with the Xbox360. That's ever since, say, 2006.

What's "Dinput", then?
While Dinput devices are still indispensable, nowadays most of these are your joysticks, steering wheels and other gear with "non-standard" layouts and amounts of buttons (you know the type). They're mainly in use for emulators and simulator games that expect you to map controls manually ingame, one by one.

So you'd have to be actively looking for Dinput devices when shopping, because a more conventional controller just won't do for your unusual game. That means your recently bought, Xbox-looking controller most likely does support Xinput.

But still, keep in mind that many older Xbox-Knockoffs may not actually support Xinput under their hood. If you purchased one of those waaay back when, and never got a newer one since, yeah - better check what language it speaks.

And, quite a few newer 3rd party gamepads allow for switching between Xinput and Dinput modes, to be as versatile as possible. I'd go as far as to say that's the modern "standard" for any 3rd party controllers. Usually, you switch modes by either holding the power button, or powering up while holding the "X" button for Xinput mode, or something similar. Check your manual and controller labels.

Okay, and that means...?
As far as I can tell, that means Redout isn't especially picky compared to other games. If your controller "just works" with any other modern game out-of-the-box (telltale sign for Xinput), then it will work with Redout! And please, do correct me if I'm wrong.

These are mine:
- Speedlink TORID 2.4Ghz Wireless, switchable Dinput/Xinput controller, works.
- 8bitdo SN30/SF30 Pro Bluetooth Wireless, switchable Dinput/Xinput controller, works.*

*except... Footnote. Bluetooth is a bit of a special case.
AFAIK, Win10 supports "Xinput over Bluetooth" but Win7 & Win8 don't. However, you can download newer Bluetooth drivers and install them manually, and those ones will then support Xinput over Bluetooth:

Come to think of it, this may also be related to the "Xbox One" controller reports. AFAIK, Xbone uses Bluetooth for wireless, and it may be the Windows Bluetooth driver that doesn't properly support / recognize Xinput via Bluetooth. Microsoft wants to sell you a special, expensive dongle to get it to work, when all you need is a working Bluetooth driver. In which case, trying the manual driver solution might also solve that.
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