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I have a problem on the Uranium Mines level (basic RR). There is a room where something is enclosed by four walls in the middle. There is a broken screen on all 4 sides of the walls and a switch next to it. You can flick the switch from 1 to 4. You can go down at one side of the room (opposite to the center wall) and find another switch like this. The walkthrough on Totally Redneck for this level is missing parts: "Back up there, if you look closely at the wall you'll see a crack that you can blow up and make room for yourself to pass, just like in the 1 (one). Then go down to the other control room and set that switch to 4 (four). This will open up a door in one of the four center walls (by one of the four switches up there)."

The bold part is at the beginning of the level, while this switch room is towards the end. I don't know how to flip the switches to make something happen. The way the sentence "then go down to the other control and set that switch to 4" is worded, it suggests you have to do something before that, but what you have to do is missing from the walkthrough.

Anybody familiar with this level and know what to do here?

EDIT. Funny, I ran another search on the 'net, and found another walkthrough including the solution to my problem. I'll post it here in case other people encounter this:

"After dispatching all of the enemies, exploring the area will reveal four central switches, and a fifth switch in a lower room. The four main switches are all marked with a + sign, while the fifth switch is marked with an = sign. Solve the puzzle by arranging the switches so that 1+1+1+1=4."


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Thank you!!!!!
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One warning: when that door opens, a vixen comes out. What I like to do is gather up the four powder kegs on that level, place them in front of the door and on both sides of it before opening it. Then, when she comes out, set them off from a distance and she's got nowhere to dodge.