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1) Red Nukem

Red Nukem Sourceport:

The above download link also has downloads for the sourceports PCExhumed and Nblood.

Red Nukem's README:
Duke4 Forums:

Duke4 Discord Channel:

2) Raze Raze has recently celebrated its version 1.0.0 milestone and is no longer in alpha. Please see Nightfright's instructions below how to get games running in Raze:

In your Raze folder, create the following four subdirectories (names can be different, but these fit best IMO):
- blood + blood/music (this is where Blood and its associated files will go)
- data + data/music (for all other games)

- Blood: Place tracks named as blood02-blood09.ogg into "blood/music"
- Exhumed: Place tracks named as exhumed02-exhumed19.ogg into "data/music"
- Redneck Rampage/Route 66: Place tracks named as redneck02-redneck09.ogg into "data/music"
- Redneck Rampage: Rides Again: Place music tracks named as redneckrides02-redneckrides10.ogg into "data/music"
- Shadow Warrior: Place tracks named as shadow02-shadow14.ogg into "data/music"

- Copy all Blood files ("movies" subdir, blood.ini, *.rff/*.art/*.dat) into "blood"
- Cryptic Passage: Zip all files (movies/cryptic.smk, movies/cryptic.wav, cp*.map, cpart07.ar_, cpart15.ar_, cryptic.ini) to and place it in "blood"

Duke Nukem 3D:
- Copy duke3d.grp into "data"
- Addons: Copy dukedc.grp, nwinter.grp, vacation.grp into the same subdir

Copy, demo.vcr and stuff.dat into "data"

Copy nam.con and nam.grp into "data"

Redneck Rampage:
- Copy redneck.grp into "data"
- Route 66: Zip all relevant files (see list here) to and place it in the same subdir
- Rides Again: Rename redneck.grp to rides.grp, then copy rides.grp and redint.mve into the same subdir

Shadow Warrior:
- Copy sw.grp into "data"
- Addons: Also copy twindrag.grp and wt.grp into that subdir

Copy ww2gi.con and ww2gi.grp into "data"
Duke4 Forums:

Duke4 Discord Channel:

3) BuildGDX
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