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Hello Guys,
I have installed redneck rampage ,extracted BuildGDX to the base game folder and followed the instructions on PCgamingwiki and some old posts on GOG
1.I used CueToOgg to convert the music files
2.I copied the contents of the REDNECK Folder to the folder where the game is installed
3.The Game runs fine on build gdx but there is no music except when the 8 track player is turned on
4.There is no " music type " option in the menu to change MIDI to CD audio and so I have no ingame music
5.DukeNukem 3D , PowerSlave all have this option except Redneck Rampage
Where is this music type option??? I can't find it anywhere .
Any help will be greatly appreciated , thank you.
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I'd like the same thing, did you find out how to do it ?