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Today, Faction Files is launching a new permanent service - !

This service will serve as a centralized reference point for solutions to all common issues, frequently asked questions, and quick links for all Red Faction games - all aimed at easing the barrier to entry for new players, growing the community, and ensuring everyone who has a question about the Red Faction series can quickly get an accurate answer.

Currently, the available content focuses mostly on Red Faction 1, however it will be expanded in the near future to cover the other 3 major games in the series as well.

If you or someone you know is running into an issue with Red Faction or has a question about it, check out for a solution!

PS. Can this thread please be stickied? It would really help out new users who encounter common issues in finding solutions.

PPS. I still can't post links here sadly, so you'll have to manually copy+paste into your browser's address bar :(
Just bumping this thread to the top of the list - please reference if you're running into any issues with Red Faction :)

Also, be sure to join the Red Faction community on Discord! We're a welcoming community, and we'd love to have you! We also run biweekly "Game Night" events which everyone is welcome to join :)

Join the Red Faction community Discord by going to:
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