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Trying to play a LAN game and I cannot get any of them to connect to the same game on my private LAN. It either says failed to join or session timed out. Anyone else having this issue? It is very annoying to buy games and then have basic functionality like this not work properly.
Am I the only one with this issue?
I would also like to point out that GOG support was worthless. Their suggested solutions were just a bunch of cookie cutter "try this" suggestions. I asked them to report this as a bug to the developer and they completely ignored me.

To the developers...if you are paying attention...FIX YOUR BROKEN GAME. There is absolutely no acceptable reason for LAN multiplayer to not work.
Am I really the only one that can't get LAN multiplayer to work? I've tried on multiple computers on multiple LAN's just to make sure it wasn't something wrong with my setup. No luck.
I absolutely have the exact same problem. Tested on different machines - all in same subnet. I see the server but when I click to join nothing happens. Very frustrating! Please get this fixed
Uh oh, LAN is the reason I prioritize my purchases through GOG. There have been a few games from here that, thankfully, have working LAN through a community workaround. For the games that absolutely refuse to have working critical features that keep a game relavant, it seems that devs purposefully break LAN to counter potential pirates but it fucks the GOG customers over. Saw the dev replies mentioning they were going to fix it but I would like an update from a current owner on if they went through with their word or it was PR bullshit.