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This post has been deleted by the author
Post edited August 20, 2019 by John.Connor
Wow, just wow.

To anyone reading this: As I'm sure you can tell, the author of this post is very angry about something.

For context, the author of this post is the developer of the unofficial PF Gold addon, which, through recent research and detailed security analysis, was found to contain several malicious backdoors - one of which allowed its developer (the author of the post above) to run commands and execute code on any system running his software, completely compromising that system.

Immediately after these obviously malicious backdoors were discovered, I posted a security advisory detailing the facts of the situation - to make anyone running his software aware, and recommend they remove his software to protect themselves.

You can read that security advisory here:
(Sorry, this forum won't let me post links)

He, obviously, wasn't a fan of his software being exposed as being malware. Rather than accepting responsibility for developing and distributing malware to the community, he's engaged in a concerted effort to confuse everyone and discredit the person who posted the advisory.

Oh also, the vulnerability in PF 3.0c that he cited above did exist - however it wasn't intentionally added as he falsely claims (without any shred of evidence, of course). That vulnerability was patched in PF 3.0d when it was released - 4 years ago. That vulnerability was also entirely unrelated to the explicit and malicious backdoor vulnerabilities included in his unofficial Gold addon.

I'm completely transparent about this - I posted the original security advisory for the same reason I'm making this post - to reduce risk to members of the Red Faction community and allow them to protect themselves from bad actors. I've been involved in the Red Faction community for nearly 18 years now, and I'll always do whatever I can to help the community and its members.

I'm more than happy to further elaborate on this topic (or just talk about Red Faction in general) with anyone. Feel free to join the FactionFiles Discord ( and DM me.

PS. If you're confused as to which Red Faction client would be best for you, check out the comparison spreadsheet at

Happy gaming!