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Dash Faction 1.3.0 has been released and is available on FactionFiles:
If you run into any issues using Dash Faction, the Dash Faction Support channel on the FactionFiles Discord server has you covered! Join:

What is Dash Faction?
Dash Faction is a third-party patch for Red Faction (1) which adds modern features, enhances performance, and fixes compatibility issues, bugs, and security vulnerabilities.

Some of the main features are listed below, full list is available in the changelog and readme files:
- Proper fixes for many bugs (like the exploding submarine bug - you won't need to lower your FPS!)
- Increased FPS limit (up to 240 FPS)
- Multiplayer level autodownloader
- Support for high resolution textures, anti-aliasing, ansiotropic filtering, etc.
- High resolution thermal scanner (Rail Driver)
- Proper support for widescreen resolutions, windowed mode, and "noborder" windowed mode
- Improved multiplayer scoreboard (with kills/deaths column)
- Multiplayer cheat prevention
- Support for German and French Red Faction versions
- Huge amount of performance enhancements, and fixes for bugs/security vulnerabilities

PS. Again, apologies, this forum won't let me make the links clickable :(
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