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S! Stan

I have really enjoyed the weekend wars on Wolf's island server. Small but consistent crowd. Classic bombing/dogfighting and team play.

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I would like to see another war during the week or Sunday.

Redux has 4 servers up, including an iMap (Italian Alps) PWd server. CJ can set up a specific setup like Wolf's for any day at any time. The pings stay pretty low...around 40.

If we got a bigger group over time, we can set up a smaller field of operation proportionate to the # of the iMap central valley, and use the C++ Redux Scoring program we made a few years ago.

iMap war sounds good! But we do need more players!

im.jpg (93 Kb)
Every Saturday at 4pm eastern 22:00 cet Funday on Wolf's Spielwiese server.
Team melee... first team to get all targets win!
Good fun with Great people, come join us!
You will not see server until 4:00pm

And don't forget about General de Deville's "Alpine" every night around 9-9:30pm.
Great people, just Bigger Hills!

Server=UDP:; CSq_Swordfish ; D3rWolf's Spielwiese ; D3rWolf's Training Day
Server=UDP: ;General de Deville's Alpine Hell
Server=UDP: ; General de Deville's Hell

[MetaServers] ; Rens
Server=TCP: ; Swordfish
Server=TCP: ; Redux
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