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On vista 64-bit the red baron 3d crashes after the opening video. Compability mode / disabling themes/composition and running as system administrator doesn't help. Anyone figure a way to run the game?
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You should checkout this thread:
Installing a glide wrapper might get the game to actually load up if thats the issue its having. If that doesn't work could you please post your system specs?
I have gotten past the opening video by getting this response from GOG support
"Please try to run the game in window by changing the shortcut's value
to: [ "C:\Program Files (x86)\\Red Baron Pack\Red Baron
3D\Baron.exe" -window ]."
It works, but only if you play in windowed mode. If you want to use Glide via a wrapper, it crashes the game when you exit the mission or abort.
In Vista. it is impossible to fly in Direct draw. Windowed mode is most stable, allowing you to go from flying to menus, but as ugly as Direct Draw. Once doing the -window you can fly in Glide mode (which is pretty eye candy) but returning to the menu crashes the game.
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