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In The DOS version of Red Baron the editor can not be launched from the msdos launch menu. A line in the dosboxred1_single.conf is misplaced and must be corrected:

"if errorlevel 2 goto setup" must be changed with "if errorlevel 2 goto mb"

And the speed changer in the Red Baron 3d folder only serves to crash the game, once you use it the game does break. Then, the exe needs to be restored to have a servicable game again.

And I have noticed that the GOG Launcher is just apparently legacy. It is not used nor in Galaxy nor in the folder executable.

But the worst is that Red Baron 3D crashes at launch in a fresh install. The problem apparently resides in the main menu rendering. The game crashes after the intro, Intro which, as a note, only runs once.

That latter problem is solved with the so called ddrawcompat.dll put into the game folder to have the 2d part of the game fullscreen and stable.

Please GOG. Revise this pack. Needs more love.