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War@4pm eastern time usa every Sat. all are welcome to fly! Young, old, even if you think you suck at flying... give it a try. Red Baron3d is great fun for the family so join us! This is the small island map, so easy to reach targets, 15 min target change all planes can Bomb! Need help just ask, we are here to have a Fun game.

You WILL NOT SEE SERVER UNTIL 4 pm - but there is a practice server up all week.

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Salute! All

The dynamics of the Island RB3D MMP server is truly a chessboard of variables beyond the previous "standard" bombing layout. The feel of this war setup brings you closer to a Singleplayer experience but with live opponents. Everything about the war is eclectic and it is so much fun that no one currently playing is boohoo about being on the losing side in any given war because the fun quotient is so high.

If you have not tried this Saturday 4PM Eastern U.S. time, you really should. The current players are from Finland, New Zealand, Germany, U..S. Sweden sometimes Brazil and Canada. It is a stable, strong internet connection directly within an ISP owned by one of our family members.

As Stan stated, the war consistently starts at you wont see it until then.

i am surprised that more of those posting in different forums are not joining the war because we know how much fun it is and has been for 12 years. And again, the target selection is unique from past island servers....please give it a try.

You can find current metaservers and server IPs at .....front panel down one screen on the left. If you want your own RedBaron3D page, we are happy to add it to the website.

The forum is quiet because everyone pretty much comm online or via email and text..but feel free to post.

Saturday War @ 4 PM Eastern U.S. time
Game every Sat@4 pm eastern time. You will not see War server until 4 pm. All are welcome to fly, come join us!

[MetaServers] ; Rens
Server=TCP: ; CJ
Server=TCP: ; Swordfish

Plus Flame Fix by Ace... Burn,baby,Burn!
More info over at
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flame_rr.jpg (166 Kb)
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