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mplayer.ini file, found in your main Red Baron 3D folder
(C:\Program Files (x86)\\Red Baron Pack\Red Baron 3D\mplayer.ini)
is the most important file for multi-player in RB3D. An "ini" file can easily be opened up and modified/edited with Notepad, but it is the file that allows one to connect to game servers and have quick, repetitively used chat phrases.
When one opens up the mplayer.ini file, they will see a lot of "//" The "//" is for comments to explain functions, it basically tells the game to "Ignore this line, this is for the humans to read."
[MetaServers] is followed by a list of servers in which game servers conect to to advertise that they are availible. This ldoes change and has been updated by Sky Pilot who lists the known working Meta Servers here: [url=][/url]
Currently as of Oct 9 2009 these sre the ones that are up as Metas:
Server=TCP: ; Tiger ; Longarth's
Server=TCP: ;Camel Jocky
Server=TCP: ; Pop's
[KnownServers] is a listing of servers that you know about. Mainly it is used for those who wish only friends to access and keep off of everybody else's radar (Like a squad practice) It is also used for organized events so the server can be accessed even when the Meta's go down,
This is the current list of current known servers:
Server=UDP: ; AV Blast The Baron-NFM
Server=UDP: ; AV Blast The Baron-AFM
Server=UDP: ; AV Theme Battle-NFM
Server=UDP: ; AV Team Target Island~AFM
Server=UDP: ; AV Team Target Island~NFM
[QuickChat] is for you to have your wity phrases ready to be sent under chat as your plane plummets to the ground. There 6 keys in which to place your sayings. to use, press BACKSPACE to open up the chat window, press one of the six keys (such as the Insert key to Salute an opponent) then press the Return/Enter key to send.
Home=S! All
The "[Winsock]
Port=" is for a port number if you are playing behind a firewall and have trouble acessing the internet. Read the comments in the mplayer.ini file for more info.