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I have Windows 10 and most games seem to work fine. I started RB3D and it crashed right after the Sierra logo. I created a shortcut with -window and it started okay. I selected Glide graphics and removed the shortcut I created but it only starts in windowed mode. Even when I start it from the Gog Galaxy shortcut. I started it again, once more in windowed mode and pressed alt+enter to put it in full screen. After a second, it crashed again. I've verified the graphics are still set for Glide. Is windowed the only way to run this?
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Just tried to run this with Windows 10 and precisely the same symptoms occurred to me - Sierra intro worked, then crash!

I opened the Red Baron folder (mine is in: e:\GalaxyClient\Games\Red Baron 3D\ but yours may differ), found the baron.exe file., right-clicked on it, went the the Compatibiity tab, checked the Compatiblity Mode check box and set Compatibility mode to be Windows XP (Service Pack 3).

I then ran it from the Galaxy client again and this time the intro video appeared and the game worked for me. I've played it for about 15 minutes and so far no problems.