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Has anyone got it to work with the GOG version? Judging by this video here it makes the game sound way better:

I tried following this video here about it ( but I'm either too tired or just too stupid to understand it. Can anyone explain how to get it working, as if you were teaching a 5 year old?
Yes the game sounds great with Roland (Munt emulator).

So how far did you get with that video? Do you have the Munt emulator already installed, and have obtained the Roland MT-32 and/or CM-32L PCM and control ROMs?

The video seemed quite good in explaining what one needs to do, the main thing might be how to tell the game itself (Red Baron) to use Roland MIDI for music and sound effects. That last step depends on the game, as different DOS games have different ways to setup the audio part (quite often running something like setup.exe, install.exe, setsound.exe or similar within DOSBox; some games autodetect it or let you choose it from within the game), and unfortunately with some games GOG has removed the sound setup program in which case you need to edit some game config file directly.

I can look into it more when I get home. Or, let me know if you already figured it out by yourself.
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The easiest way to do it is to get dosbox-ece ( You'll then have to get the roland roms for it to work, of course.