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Red Baron 3d.

This is a game from my childhood, so naturally I was thrilled to see it on GoG.

Unfortunately, regardless of what I do, it simply does not work well.

I am on windows 10, I set it to compatibility mode xp service pack 2, and it launches at 33% speed, the default.

The game is not nearly as playable with keyboard as I remember it on my old windows 98 computer; there is CONSIDERABLE input delay when I press any directional key to maneuver my plane, so I figure I'll just increase the game speed somewhat.

This is where the problem starts; when I change the game speed AT ALL, the game starts crashing. Not at the menu, but when I attempt to start any kind of gameplay, be it fly now, single mission, or a campaign mission.

I have tried setting it to windowed mode with the shortcut launch parameters. That just makes it launch in windowed mode, and still crash when I enter any kind of gameplay.

This persists until I verify/repair the installation, which resets everything to default.

I've attempted to look for a solution myself but I appear to be the only person who has this particular problem.

Any ideas?
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I have a link for 79% speed, give it a try!

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