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Is there any way to make this program work? I get runtime error with it. Using win7 x64.

Problem is this utility can modify lots of stuff that is not editable in any other editor of what i have seen, so it is very frustrating..

Runs fine for me in Win7 64bit, but I have a number of MS .NET Framework versions installed.

There have a number of programs written by various game modders that I have used in the past and it required me to install an older version of .NET in order to get the said program to work. Just a guess, but I think that is where the error might lie. As to where to get the .NET downloads is at Microsoft most likely. I know i have versions 1, 2, and 4 installed on my machine.

But this is all a guess.

Try your question at SWWISA or SimHQ [url= ] [/url], they might know.
Okay, Now I cant get FCJCP to work. I get a runtime error.

If I set compatibility mode to either XP or Win98/ME and disable themes, set colors to 256, I can get the main screen to come up, but none of the buttons work.

Used it a few weeks ago with no problem, sure it has to do with a Win7 Update somewhere.