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I'm running Full Canvas Jacket and I was looking to change the menu music. I've converted some music into .wav files and replaced them in the Shellsnd folder. No luck, just silence. I then tried reducing the bitrate and making them mono instead of stereo, still no luck. I can't remember how I did this in the past. I thought it was a simple file swap, but maybe I had to use Campaign Manager 11 or something else. Does anyone know how to change the music .wav files with your own custom songs?


I figured it out. I was able to get CM11 downloaded and I got it working with Windows 10. I downloaded a file called ovtdm and it allows you to run CM11 through that application. If you want to know how, just google how to get a 16-bit program to work on Windows 10 and there are tons of Youtube videos on the file and how to get it to work. For the music, I had to find the right wav converter and the trick was to convert to 8-bit wav format. Once I did that, the music worked. The only problem I have is that in the debrief, it plays the briefing music instead. I'm not sure why. But, at least we can use Campaign Manager 11 now!
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