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Okay, I remember this one from the old days, but every now and again in RB1, the selections arrow clicks quickly from one button to another in a menu screen. I can't get it to stop, and unfortunately, I have to ctrl alt del the game (it happened when I got to select my plane for he first time at rank-up and I got stuck with the monoplane again for three months). Any ideas how to fix this?
Problem two: RB3D, my joystick (saitek x52) trigger does not make the gun work. Actually it seems the only joystick button that works is the hat. The axis' work great, just the buttons that no work.
Any help'd be appreciated. Thanks,
I have the same RB1 issue. Looks like it has something to do with the joystick, if I push the stick up, the cursor stops jumping.
I forget. Is the menu selection mouse driven? Maybe the mouse and joystick are conflicting with each other. Does this happen if you disconnect the joystick?
It definitely is the Joystick.
Seems like every time you get to the menu your joystick is recalibrated.
So if your JS is not fully centered (you touch it, it doesn't stand leveled) you get the jumping around in the menu.
You can simulate that by activating and deactivating the Joystick in Other Options / Preferences.
Hi, I think I found a workaround:
If your Joystick acts up in the menus hit ALT+C for recalibration, or 2*ALT+J for turning the JS off and on again.
Works in the menus as well as in flight.
Have fun
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