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This Place.... Thanks to Vets like Wailwolf and others (U-know who u-are) who understand that helping the "New Blood" get into and injoy this difinitive canvas sim is the very future of it---good work guys ... S! Many of my screwgle searches have landed me here and thats a good thing--- GoG has done well to cover this sierra classic and we all Thank you guys also.

Im running 3d fully patched with hasp under CJ2 and everything is running smooth...even with my OAD amd64/GFgt... but ive just realized that when i restart, or return to my campaign, ive lost all my in-game settings such as graphic and difficulty stuff, which i dont remember ever happening. Im running CM11 along side but theres no screen for these settings... i can reset all my settings fine but its a drag there not sticking ---any clues yall?

Thanks in advance, and Happy December Whatevers to all the Pilotes out there...stay warm...

I haven't used CM11 in a long while as it does not run for me under Win7.

Chances are that the preferences file is set to Read Only. In the Red Baron Folder and in the Data folder, right click on every *.dat file and make sure Read Only is not selected/checked. Then the game should be able to write to the files when you change your settings.