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high rated
v1.1.1 / GOG-3 Changelog (added 23.06.2015):

Patch Highlights:
- fixes 50 small bugs and a couple bigger ones including survivors sometimes becoming invisible or locked in place.
- activates a rare questline where you can discover the origin of the zombie disease

Full Changelog:
- start new players in fullscreen mode
- fixed prevent dead guys from converting / being converted
- fixed some events happening too soon
- fixed power plant part being produced after bought
- fixed fractional zombie mob sizes
- fixed blurry scrollbox faces after resize
- fixed better explained airplane passenger list changes
- fixed previous children can now never be married okay no more 14yo brides
- fixed gangwar mall no longer needs to be beside your fort
- fixed better explained reset campaign
- fixed riffs "0 missions" goal sticking around
- fixed airplane to nowhere
- fixed try harder to keep survivor squads together when ending missions
- fixed soldiers returning home and ending up outside the fort
- fixed fixed gender on a bunch of kickstarter character names
- fixed update picture for resurrected survivors so they don't look dead
- fixed referring to children as "true"
- fixed returning to recruits but they've changed to a different event
- fixed schmoozing about priority policy needs level 8 leader
- fixed equip menu appearing behind mission menu
- fixed event where you ask if you should give yourself ammo
- fixed multiple Lilly(sic) Badejos
- fixed invisible survivors (hopefully...)
- fixed kids helping out with "[missioning]"
- fixed rounding respect value for 50% trade requirement
- fixed disabling ambience triggers song change
- fixed factions taking quest buildings
- fixed advance villain plot if you haven't found HQ after 200 days
- fixed various typos
- fixed cancel alliance missions on war, alliance or destruction
- fixed corrupt savegames from units saved without survivors
- fixed guy hiding on farm's rifle
- fixed vancouver study plant mission
- fixed bridges turning black when blowing them up - now indestructible
- fixed gustav sells fuel more reliably
- fixed chosen ones complain about policy after they are destroyed
- fixed gustav talking about mertsi repeatedly
- fixed made starting the origin questline easier
- fixed pinch zoom remembers state
- fixed mac software mode bug
- fixed parents forgetting children & vice versa
- fixed inaccessible buildings in a faction you've been attacking
- fixed (maybe) unclickable squares bug
- fixed ba-bonk when main leader is overrun by zombies while recovering
- fixed wrong formal survivor names in attack text
- fixed ice cream quest continuing after pig farmers destroyed
- fixed cure being available to research too early
- fixed recruit leadership requirements now accept fractional values
- fixed (again) "arg3" and wrong names in attack results
- fixed no more airplane in hope, too confusing and busted
- fixed clipboard sizes and stretched faces / equipment
high rated
Changelog for update 1.2.8 /GOG-4 (added 18.08.2015):

- more tooltips on config buttons and missions
- improved overlapping mission select buttons
- tweaked autoequip algorithm
- scale up hud on older devices and huge monitors
- stopped nerfing survivor levels between cities (DREAM_TEAM_MAX_LEVEL set to 999)
- increased rockstar perk benefit to double positive respect, half negtive respect
- mention that irrigation, pesticides and fertilizer also increase food storage
- allow clicking the very bottom-right to pause and unpause while menus are showing
- pause time while moving map in light graphics mode
- switched to regular tooltips in info menu
- bath salts addicts slowly lose their addiction if you ban the drugs
- fixed researching the cure too early
- fixed occasional weirdness with oceans disappearing
- fixed double Lily Badejo (again)
- fixed yet another case of unclickable survivors (I hope)
- fixed ghost missions preventing missions from advancing
- fixed friendly faction units raiding/attacking/sabotaging
- fixed sad friends when survivors leave to join other factions
- fixed sad friends when survivors disappear but are later found
- fixed some missions sticking around too long in spokane
- fixed roads disappearing on gpu context lost
- fixed wrong happiness change in child finds object event
- fixed showing +20 and -20 had a nice chat
- fixed freeze near beginning of Hope
- fixed blowing up airplane doesn't stop airplane events
- fixed spawning rare mission buildings on the other side of the map
- fixed wrong city size if starting a new game while a menu is closing
- fixed wonky pinch zoom on some systems
- fixed tooltip flickering on mouseOut
- fixed black screen while loading cities in light animations mode
- fixed you can now build new city halls in Hope and Abbotsford
- fixed zooming with small textures and reduced max zoom in from 2x to 1.5x
- fixed removed airplane from hope (extra good this time)
- fixed make hope lab easier to find with three new reveal methods
- fixed made hope reminder stop jumping up every day
- fixed hud food info now includes hunting estimates
- fixed prevent roamers from roaming into impassible territoryc
- fixed shorter tooltips for buildings
- fixed dates on happiness panel
- fixed adjacent friendly faction guards showing as dangerous
- fixed bonuses from police officer, pizza driver, doctor
- fixed tooltips popping up over menus and when you click buttons
- fixed main leader side by side when announcing a baby
- fixed more consistent timed autosaving
- fixed survivor coin faces half-disappearing
- fixed survivors now keep all their different skills between levels
- fixed some multitouch dragging issues
- optimized gpu draw calls
- optimized remove blur and glow filters in light graphics mode
- optimized remove custom font and leader face from hud in light graphics mode
- optimized disable detailed 4096x4096 textures in light graphics mode
- optimized default to light graphics and animations on older pcs
- optimized double buffering on unit atlas by targeting air 18
- optimized disabled advanced telemetry logging
- optimized adding new colin heads and changing main leader head on the hud
- optimized scrolling boxes
high rated
Changelog for update 1.5.3 / GOG-8 (Windows) / GOG-6 (Mac) (added 17 November 2015):

- create, update and install config mods
- language mods
- added color blind mode
- make rare events a little more common
- make cricket bats more common
- added REM PERK to the debug menu
- click on faction face to zoom over to their fort
- add where button to "Ally or Eliminate X Factions" goal
- upgraded to air release
- installing/removing/updating mods in non-steam environments
- added another way to find the hope lab
- add where buttons for several plot notice hints
- move radial buttons to top so others don't overlap
- new look for MissionMenu and it's back on slower devices
- larger fonts option makes results menu easier to read
- consolidated config menu graphics options
- don't require a reboot after switching graphics options
- place tooltips correctly on larger/denser screen resolutions
- ignore setting or logfile save failures but always display autosave fails
- backup/restore function on save menu lets you manually move savegames to new devices
- can now change difficulty from bottom of info > government menu
- moved Hide Survivors from config menu to debug menu
- show bunkers and tower upgrades in light graphics mode
- made preloader continue button more responsive
- Log Autosave debug feature now copies savegame to clipboard
- fixed weemen event, get a flamethrower not rocket launcher
- fixed berries event, allow researching again
- fixed people dying with no notice
- fixed incorrect death reasons
- fixed roamers blocking quests
- fixed spawning mobs on potential quests
- fixed disappearing goal in hope
- fixed black map after changing graphics quality
- fixed right side notices disappearing on load
- fixed right side notices overlapping
- fixed wonky survivor faces after changing graphics quality
- fixed reward for spokane government plotline
- fixed (maybe?) survivors disappearing between cities
- fixed ghost missions
- fixed scrolling text on results
- fixed resizing in vancouver
- fixed GameConfig settings like GOAT_YEAR
- fixed children appearing the wrong age
- fixed various typos
- fixed double kathleens
- fixed clipboard backup on some devices
- fixed text for already equipped by someone
- fixed difficulty display text
- fixed game doesn't unpause due to hidden equipment/happiness menu
- fixed commander perk and some incorrect bonus level roundoffs
- fixed not charging for the man wagon
high rated
Changelog for update 1.6.6 / GOG-9 (Windows) / GOG-7 (Mac) (added 1 June 2016):

- politicians can bring an extra survivor with them instead of spawning a random extra one
- halve the number of squares you need on epic size maps
- better cleanup of ghost missions
- better cleanup of schmooze missions
- click on faction portrait to find their location even if unscouted
- fixed wrong pronouns in several events
- fixed error noise when spawning first zombie icon in tutorial
- fixed bath salts count so it doesn't always say 200
- fixed nelson questline ending and reward
- fixed mobs aren't destroyed when moving through factions
- fixed calling dead mother/father "my daugher"
- use pastebin for backup / restore over internet
- added scene text to localization files
- fixed minor typos
- support for more language pack characters and accents
- can now upload mods as zip files containing multiple text files
- reduce logging to speed up performance
- improved error handling during backup/restore
- flamethrower and flare gun now count as firearms and need ammo
- crowbar now classified as melee weapon
- fixed "+ distance" danger hover text
- fixed recruitment schmooze event
- fixed mod persistence on some devices
- fixed government rotten mission quest flickering
- fixed tutorial danger image
high rated
Changelog for update 1.6.13 / GOG-10 (Windows) / GOG-8 (Mac) (added 06 February 2017):

- fix load screen warning again

- fixed dutch diary (thanks to pinguin333!)
- fix to hospital babies event
- fix special crowbar names
- fix gifting items to pig farmers
- fix infinitely allying with some faction
- fix lily hearing lily cry
- fix clicking on faction portraits on pages 2+
- fix load screen warning on some weird android kernels
- fix backup/restore system
- fix pilots begging you to let them on an airplane
- fix with bartenders getting confused with preachers

- chill out the dangerous zed in Trail especially on Easy difficulty
- fixed spies becoming visible after Spotting Spies tech researched
- fixed leave city hall goal
- fixed accidentally double-clicking squads during mission assignment

- make regular ending more clear with a goal and shorter wait before win announcement
high rated
Changelog for Patch 1.6.15 / (Windows and Mac) (added 23 June 2017):

- improved check for autoload fail
- improved check for old hardware rendertexture graphics downgrade

Changelog for Patch 1.6.17 / (Windows and Mac) (added 23 June 2017):

- disposables (traps, bombs, medkits etc) can be placed multiple times more quickly now
- added passive effects to faction friend perks (+10% to respect increases, +1% respect/turn when low)
- fixed wording on Stranger Danger options
- fixed survivors losing Devout trait at start of game from no churches
- fix rotten survivors being disease vectors

Changelog for Patch 1.6.18 / (Windows and Mac) (added 23 June 2017):

- Fix "corruption" error with some video cards while loading a game
1.6.28 (25 feb 20)
Upgraded to AIR 33
Fix survivors fighting each other
Chinese character set for modding
Fixed issue with modding arrays
Added debug ability to spawn a single equipment of a given type
High graphics quality increases framerate from 30 to 60 on devices which support it
Fix bug allowing null skin color
Fixed unclear wording in Faction Meet event
Fixed minor typos in event results
Fail quietly on corrupt mod error during game load
Better handling of invalid mods during manual install
support custom rules tags for building for localization (eg rule_square_burbs_cuteName = burbs, usage [square_cuteName])
fixed superhero perk levels shouldn't go to 12 only 11
fixed repeating "running out of food" event with debug options on
improved orientation change detection
stretch main menu on non 16:9 screens
fixed Van Duke Rifle hunting perk
fixed create edge buildings if needed for placing zombie traps quest
fixed issue finding graveyard in villain quest if it's already somehow scouted
fixed ghost tutorial menu with overlapping text

1.6.31 (21 aug 2020)
Updated to AIR 33.1
Fixed rotten (green) skin tone

1.6.39 (18 feb 21)
Quick fix for a couple events (including in the Vancouver map)
fixed achievements for the umpteenth time

1.6.40 (3 March 21)
Upgraded to AIR 33.1
Fix missing Vancouver becomeRotten event
Fix rotten skin tone
Accept unescaped equals signs in translation mods for font tags
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