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Hello. In this escort mission, Reversanary(wordplay on Mercenary)the player is asked to Pair Warp, to and from, locations, never endingly, with Merc guild leader. The destination, is a station slightly hubwards, of the one destination. The npc, guild leader's ship, does a strange jiggle at one point, up against a stellar mass, after falling out of warp. Thank goodness, there is no rep penalty, so I ditched the mission. Heads up.
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This mission can get bugged out by random space debris. One time I did this mission the pair warp got impaired by some space junk which had me and my partner doing a strange cosmic dance where the music and dance never stops.

I warped away, failed the mission and started over with it again. This time there was no annoying scrap metal in the way. I think. Generally speaking you can redo the story missions as many times you need to get them to work.
Did I solve it? If so the thrad should be in a solved status and if that's not the case then well...maybe someone else can give a tip.