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I just found one of those huge asteroids and while finding those with antimatter or with face of gozu is hard but possible, I was amazed when I bumped into huge CRYSTAL asteroid which drops progenitor shard... I don't know maybe for others it is nothing special but I didn't know those even existed. Some random mission brought me there, otherwise I would never find it. It is located in empty space, not in some nebula and I wasn't able to find any clue how to find other asteroids like that. Please tell me your experience with this one. I took some screenshots if you want to see it. BTW sorry for my bad english. :/
1.jpg (153 Kb)
2.jpg (146 Kb)
3.jpg (173 Kb)
4.jpg (290 Kb)
5.jpg (213 Kb)
try to remember where it is for easy money
in my map its surrounded by mining vessels so getting it is hard since they try to grab it
well if you dont mind going pirate to get it from them then its not so bad unless you dot have good guns/ship

i actually found it by accident while mapping nebula for the free money Xd got ambushed between 2 nebula and once it was over i saw the lone asteroid and did a scan as saw a swarm of friendlies blips show up near it

have to admit it does sort of feel like cheating to farm the 3 types of super asteroids for the high cash sellables
then again you do have to travel to tougher systems to access better gear to spend he cash on
so i guess it evens out a little XD

Certain color nebula, when warping, we are supposed to look out for. They have not got labels/dot on system map, like other nebula, but I think someone said that they were a shade of baby blue-green, and pitch black.
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