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Version 0.65 Changelog:

FIXED issue with starting resolution
FIXED issue with missing resolutions - now more resolutions are available in the graphics options
FIXED problems with tutorial windows size and arrangement

Version 0.66 Changelog

FIXED bug with black screen during starting a scenario (if the bug still occurs, please check if your PC meets the minimal game requirements. If it does, please send your game's log file and your PC specification to
FIXED partially the loading game bug. We managed to eliminate one type of occurrence that broke the loading of the game. We know about one more case and we are still working on resolving it - please send your broken save files to
FIXED theater window scaling - it can be properly closed in any resolution;
FIXED bug with wrong names and surnames
FIXED setting and ending action effects
FIXED maintenance costs for actions
FIXED displaying information about actions in progress in the left panel
FIXED information on factors affecting the province's environment in the left panel
FIXED mortality in the disease event
FIXED display of HDI change effects
FIXED text formatting in some windows
FIXED tutorial bugs and modified content according to community comments
FIXED some bugs with the game's localization
OTHER smaller fixes related to the display of information in the game

ADDED option to zoom in/zoom out the camera with + and - keys

OPTIMIZED RAM consumption
CORRECTED GDP value in Free Market project
CORRECTED the behavior of the stock markets
CORRECTED sound behavior in theater - global sound settings have an effect on theater sounds
IMPROVED unit promotion timing
IMPROVED working of the tasks which have a target group
IMPROVED the effects affecting armies

Version 0.67 Changelog

FIXED VO sound for mod tool clips
FIXED missing sounds in main menu
FIXED missing sound for nuclear blast
FIXED missing VO fading in main menu
FIXED 90% no loading saves issues (we were able to load all send to us broken save files)
FIXED War Theater will no longer add army visualizations with zero units
FIXED War Theater camera will now reset when theater window is re-opened
FIXED an issue with "Textures Quality" graphics option
FIXED Economy Victory path, so that USA cannot win the game automatically
FIXED Religious leader's invitation event chain so that it spawns more logically and less often
FIXED Accepted Culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina
FIXED certain tasks and events in the revenge mini event chain in the Pandemic Scenario
FIXED domestic GDP growth modifier from World Economy should now correspond the World Economy modifier
FIXED Russian Separatist movement event in Pandemic scenario.
FIXED several events - localization fixes
FIXED effects values

ADDED 3 quality settings to War Theater window to possibly prevent crashes (changes render texture resolution and SSAA settings)
ADDED missing localization keys for new rebel country and end of the war notifications
ADDED localization for popup when country you are fighting joins or creates a bloc

IMPROVED localized information about created/joined member to Bloc
IMPROVED generated sound banks to balance loaded sounds in memory
CHANGED starting parameters, cultures and names of several provinces
CHANGED The Kuril Islands now belong to Russia while Japan starts the game with claims on them
CHANGED starting projects for some countries
CHANGED the influence HDI has on army production
CHANGED AI war decelerations
CHANGED increased the number of countries players can have in their blocs
CHANGED Unrecognized countries can now be selected as targets of the Recognition resolution

Version 0.68 Changelog

FIXED army units will no longer spawn on unavailable tiles when moved from reserves onto the battlefield
FIXED 2 game breaking bugs where war theaters would not end correctly due to null errors
FIXED Empty logs will no longer spawn in in-game war theater pop up log
FIXED problem with list of available UN resolution refreshing
FIXED bugs that prevented the implementation of certain projects
FIXED bugs in several tasks and events
FIXED long country names no longer bleeds from frame
FIXED infrastructure category - now all projects are loading
FIXED select target of resolution
FIXED various typos
FIXED Space Shuttle related events
FIXED various population effects in events
FIXED target filtration when global or specific target resolution is selected
FIXED time change and camera zoom are no longer set to same key
FIXED Russian cultural revolution events
FIXED possibility to implement the same UN resolution again on a given country

ADDED target section when resolution is active
ADDED panel bookmark color and tooltip when no province selected
ADDED various GDP Growth & Unemployment Growth modifiers to some projects to make them more interesting, and introduce more drawbacks

IMPROVED target selection in UN resolutions
IMPROVED stock market rate changes
IMPROVED The size of rebel armies has been reduced
IMPROVED names of Declaration of War actions against single countries
IMPROVED Pandemic scenario main event chain
IMPROVED bloc info popup after clicking on block type notification
IMPROVED spy current action info on left panel
IMPROVED localization
IMPROVED stock market takeover mechanic
IMPROVED relations indicator averaging
IMPROVED Bloc Projects
CHANGED the size of Rebel armies in random rebellion and various events
CHANGED the growth and severity of environmental degradation

Version 0.69 Changelog

FIXED Issues with loading saved games
FIXED "Remove From Bloc" action so that it now correctly requires player to be at peace
FIXED Relations parameters icons on the panel
FIXED Relation modifiers for leaving the bloc, after war or alliance, liberators and traitors should now properly display their icons
FIXED Cabo Verde should now have the correct population
FIXED Projects should now have proper values in effects
FIXED Countries can now be properly removed from blocs during peace
FIXED Issue when user could not change the flag and name of a liberated country
FIXED Advisors avatars in events popup
FIXED Scrolling target group in events popup
FIXED Military Intervention Resolution will now properly apply casus belli
FIXED Timor-Leste will now have proper GDP
FIXED Localization fixes
FIXED effects in Financial Support diplomatic action to properly transfer money from player to the bloc member
FIXED Buildings and Slots elevation in South-East Asia region
FIXED Partnerships effect in Ideology tree to properly increase Pop Growth, instead of lowering it
FIXED "Ancient Texts" event chain - more mysteries to uncover!
FIXED Effects duration in "Armed Conflict Support" event chain
FIXED Setting window - Toggle layout
FIXED Countries should no longer start wars immediately after ending the first one
FIXED Conditions required for the diplomatic victory
FIXED Investing in another country will now boost its economy
FIXED Russia and China Civil War events
FIXED New line-braking in Tooltips in PL version in the following windows: Trade, Take loan, Repay loan, Colonialization, Event, War, International Trade Point
FIXED Minor text fixes
FIXED Donetsk & Luhansk building elevation
FIXED Missing options in the Political Debate event;
FIXED Debt value in Nationwide Strike event;
FIXED Activate pause by pressing space key ;
FIXED System change task's conditions;
FIXED Task view window - refresh flags and name of target group;
FIXED Liberate country by negotiation - now after selecting provinces the process of creating new countries includes only selected provinces from Liberate negotiations option;
FIXED Missing tooltip of second target group in game event popup when this group exists;
FIXED UN removes activate resolution when target country was destroyed
FIXED Buttons layout in building window

ADDED Tooltips font size settings
ADDED Missing UN voting factor to the World Government resolution
ADDED Missing project description
REMOVED Achievements from Tutorial Scenario
REMOVED Some unused content from Tutorial Scenario to slightly improve loading times

CHANGED Final task resolution in Tutorial Scenario for clarity
CHANGED Vote counting for resolution rejection
CHANGED Cuba will now start the game with claims on Guantanamo Base
CHANGED New countries that emerge in certain provinces will now use names and flags appropriate for that region (e.g. Catalonia in Barcelona)
CHANGED Conditions in the "Pandemic" event chain
CHANGED Number of provinces required to achieve Domination Victory to 250
CHANGED Separatism effects have been rebalanced
CHANGED Money income from taxes has been rebalanced
CHANGED some starting relations between countries
CHANGED Bonuses from Trade Points have been rebalanced
CHANGED Rebels should now be keener to spread around the territory of their country;
CHANGED Reworked Political Assimilation Peace Offer so that AI is less inclined to propose it
CHANGED Settings Window - decreasing font size
CHANGED Upgrade AI army movement by calculating count of water units - result: now army of new countries move immediately
IMPROVED AI spies should now be smarter about where they perform their actions
IMPROVED Country liberation mechanics
IMPROVED Creation of country mechanics
IMPROVED Algorithm of province creator in mod tool
IMPROVED the effect of creating new country
IMPROVED Effects in projects, mainly Unemployment Growth effects
IMPROVED "Soldiers protests" event chain
IMPROVED Generation of name and flag of rebel countries
IMPROVED "Fatigue with war losses" event chain
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Version 0.70 Changelog

FIXED issue with War Theater texture not generating properly
FIXED issue with camera focus point calculation in Mod Tool
FIXED HDI value visualization label
FIXED Delay in country values when changing camera zoom
FIXED Project window layout for ultra wide screens
FIXED Population in inhabited provinces will now properly never drop below 1
FIXED Maldivian culture now belongs to Islamic civilization
FIXED Building upgrades that require a specific political system now display that information
FIXED "Waiver Of Core Claims" action no longer requires your opponent to have claims on your provinces
FIXED Countries that start the game with navy now have a shipyard to return to after the war
FIXED Bloc Integration projects will now properly reset when starting a new bloc
FIXED Bloc Integration projects will now properly work on new countries added to the bloc
FIXED small localization issues
FIXED an issue, where players could implement Bloc projects even after leaving the bloc
FIXED RU translation of Kanuri culture
FIXED the "Pandemic Aftermath" event chain so that player no longer gets stuck
FIXED "Military Policy" projects tree so that there is only one initial project
FIXED advisor portraits in Tutorial
FIXED advisors portraits in Tutorial
FIXED Italy can now properly build all its unlocked units
FIXED Game will now properly end after losing the last province
FIXED small fixes in tasks, projects and events
FIXED Proportions of the battlefield in War Theater window
FIXED camera frustum calculation - the camera position is now properly handled and limited to map boundaries from any angle
FIXED Missile Warfare & Environment tab in Mod Tool
FIXED Event editor in Mod Tool

ADDED GPU instancing for materials with a large instance count
ADDED Pakistan now has its own collection of names
ADDED Notification at the end of colonization project implementation
ADDED "Colonization Project Implemented" notification
ADDED Target Groups to all tasks relating to an on-map location in Tutorial
ADDED Tooltip for Bloc Integration in Bloc Popup
ADDED Additional info about the flag shortcuts menu in the Tutorial Scenario.
ADDED Additional hints in the Tutorial regarding the theater window and peace negotiations
ADDED Automatically selecting target province when opening Diplomacy menu
ADDED Culture and civilization info into the left panel
ADDED Option to customize the color of the country flag and country name
ADDED New portraits for Generals, Spies, and Advisors

IMPROVED Army group representation on War Theatre map
IMPROVED Last month stock values caching
IMPROVED Icons with project info in the building upgrade window
IMPROVED Province environment information in the left panel
IMPROVED Layout of the Game Events Editor in Mod Tool
IMPROVED Height of camera in official scenarios
IMPROVED Events graphics in Tutorial
IMPROVED Minor improvements to the Tutorial scenario
IMPROVED Statistics info
IMPROVED Defense pact information displaying
IMPROVED AI should now deal better with their domestic environment and debt
IMPROVED Upgrade building window - required political system should be now visible
IMPROVED War theater window - fixed the window for different aspects and resolutions
CHANGED Other countries should now be more prone to support the World Government resolution
CHANGED HDI's influence on projects implementation speed
CHANGED Countries with the smallest GDP should now pay considerably less for implementations of projects
CHANGED Space Elevator project will now grant an additional project slot
CHANGED AI should now be more willing to support recognition of a player's country
CHANGED Units and buildings on Antarctica should now be more accessible.
CHANGED Population value in the province - minimum value is now 1
CHANGED Upkeep and effects of action in provinces or regions
CHANGED Authoritarian countries will now have a wider range of taxes available to them
CHANGED Project and action confirm screen - added vertical scroll

Version 0.71 Changelog

FIXED Save/Load problems
FIXED Bug with army split/transfer
FIXED Bug that prevented some countries from producing unlocked units
FIXED ChangeWorldReduceDegradationEffect
FIXED EnvironementProvinceCondition
FIXED Global Environment Degradation Modifier - now it shows correct value in left window
FIXED Bug with Resource Income effect - now it shows what resource is changed
FIXED Army duplication issue when transferring army units from right window to the left window in ArmyTransferPopUp
FIXED rRght scroller in Statistics - Bloc
FIXED Issue with ocean plane late looping at higher zoom levels
FIXED Issue with orthographic camera visible frustum calculation
FIXED Many broken connections and inadequate maintenance costs in projects
FIXED Rebellion in Turkey during the 'Crossroads' crisis will now spawn the correct number of units
FIXED Scale and placement of some buildings
FIXED Missing general name of new countries
FIXED Non-localized effect on NGO popup
FIXED Display wrong cost value on project implementation popup
FIXED RU localization of the Far Right event chain
FIXED The name of Georgia State in PL and RU
FIXED Some Polish names of provinces
FIXED Qeyyih Bahri province name localization for CN translation
FIXED Small bugs in Russian and Chinese localizations
FIXED Some minor text issues
FIXED Localization and events issues
FIXED Minor typos in localization

ADDED Teleportation of army after war:
○ You can select only provinces with production base and capital
○ Added BaseCountry ID after liberation negotiation - army should be return to correct country
○ Added information to selectedProvincesPopup about army teleportation
ADDED Bloc Map View (now clicking on country map switches map modes to country/blocs)
ADDED United Nations button in top flag menu
ADDED Statistics button in top flag menu
ADDED Button with building info on province bookmark (you can build and use buildings with it)
ADDED Bloc leader info to left panel bloc section
ADDED Information about minimum bloc relation info
ADDED Information about relations with bloc member country
ADDED New actions that will allow getting resources from members of the bloc
ADDED Self warmonger when AI wants to create conflict
ADDED New condition for checking if there is X level of pollution in the province
ADDED Additional localization

IMPROVED Parameters' labels in province section of left panel
IMPROVED Target groups on event popup and fixed bad provinces displaying.
IMPROVED Labels in left panel for more clarity
IMPROVED Top flag menu
CHANGED effects generated by buildings
CHANGED Commandos and Militia units will no longer stand with their backs to the player
CHANGED Renamed Condition node in Mod Tool to Condition
CHANGED AI should no longer declare wars while having high warmonger levels
CHANGED AI will now be using nuclear weapons much less willingly when Global Environmental Degradation is very high
CHANGED Legitimate Businessman's Club NGO office will now be properly available
CHANGED NGO window will now properly show effects in the tooltip
CHANGED Minor changes in effects of buildings and projects for balance
CHANGED Various localization and text fixes

Modding Tool:
ADDED Conditions Editor tutorial to Mod Tool manual
FIXED bug with load texture after generation terrain
FIXED load SplatMaps after deserialized paths of files
FIXED Province Editor - all provinces are now visible

Version 0.72 Changelog

FIXED effect with too low percentage value will no longer be displayed.
FIXED ChangeCountryManpowerEffect - now it is displayed properly
FIXED ChangeHDIEffect - now it is displayed properly
FIXED ChangeCountryMissilesPotentialEffect - now it is displayed properly
FIXED ChangeMoneyEffect - deleted paramiters modyfier after canceling project
FIXED ChangeActionPointEffect - deleted paramiters modyfier after canceling project
FIXED Minor UI issues
FIXED ProvinceSelectPopup - fixing layout for "Your army is in prohibited province" text

ADDED Mouse sensitivity option in game settings
ADDED Own country provinces bookmark
ADDED Effect info to population section
ADDED Color on the current selected vertical bookmark

IMPROVED Unemployment effect info
IMPROVED Change slot effect info
IMPROVED Various issues in AI behavior
IMPROVED Economy section
IMPROVED Left panel other category toggle bookmark state.
CHANGED Decreased the severity of the Pandemic Aftermath on Population Growth
CHANGED Effect / factor decor in many bookmarks
CHANGED Countries with no standing armies in the real world will now start the game with the Antimilitarism policy

Modding Tool:
FIXED Issue which prevented from generating maps properly
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Version 0.73 Changelog

FIXED a bug with War Score province cost
FIXED a bug with teleport when army was on international water province
FIXED a bug with teleport after war conflict with bloc
FIXED a bug with relation change from events
FIXED a bug when AI wants to create new army unit
FIXED a bug that would occasionally cause Manpower Growth to jump into negative values
FIXED an issue with chained armies movement when using "Shift + Click" movement feature
FIXED an issue with GDP growth - value is now correctly calculated
FIXED Bloc names no longer spawn when creating bloc while Bloc map view is inactive
FIXED Values in different map modes now show proper numbers
FIXED 'Global Warming Warning' event will no longer cause resources incomes to jump on each day
FIXED 'Administrative Paralyze' action should now be accessible to spies with this perk
FIXED Issue with War Theater camera sometimes not rendering UI correctly
FIXED Tax to unhappiness parameter value on the left panel.
FIXED Broken display of units and buildings in both Americas
FIXED Effects of events, projects, actions, and buildings
FIXED Degradation value in left panel
FIXED Manpower growth
FIXED Localization

ADDED War Theater units to grid positions synchronization (fix for bug with 2 or more units on the same cell)
UPDATED Info of Effects and conditions
REMOVED Starting debts

IMPROVED Tutorial Scenario with additional hints regarding Bloc map mode and army movement
IMPROVED Adviser card - disabling avatar interactivity, centering effects
IMPROVED Optimization
IMPROVED Left panel UI
IMRPOVED Modifiers of GDP growth in the left panel
IMRPOVED Nuclear Attack Submodule -fixed target issue
IMPROVED AI will now prioritize countries militarily weaker than themselves while searching for bloc partners
CHANGED Peace negotiations offers will no longer require positive Warscore to send
CHANGED Peace negotiations offers will no longer work on the opposing country
CHANGED Countries will no longer have two positive relation modifiers for shared civilizations
CHANGED Layout in the "Infrastructure" projects category
CHANGED Save file order in the Main Menu is now descending

Modding Tool:
ADDED a new AI curve which calculates proportion of army units when creating blocs
ADDED CSV save/load tools buttons for provinces and countries in Modding Tool

Version 0.74 Changelog

FIXED bug creating infinity loop during discarding project by AI and crashing the game in process
FIXED disappearing wars when AI leaves (our or enemy's) bloc
FIXED modifiers of unhappiness in annexed province - now there should appear modifiers from projects implemented before annexation
FIXED several major issues affecting monthly incomes
FIXED issue with war theater units overlapping when moving from reserve
FIXED recalculating army maintenance at the start of the game
FIXED unrecognized countries will no longer start the game with warmonger
FIXED not refreshing actions section in province bookmark
FIXED units statistics popup info from units statistics popup - now names of compared unis are definition name not from custom country name set
FIXED custom unit names will now be properly localized
FIXED Pacific Union should now be correctly formable
FIXED 'Jobs For Everyone!' task should work as intended
FIXED bug with regenerate provinces - now country data is removed before to generation province process
FIXED liberating national water provinces
FIXED environment in provinces should now display the correct value of modifiers in the side menu
FIXED issue with names of region in statistic popup
FIXED relations with other country info on the left panel
FIXED culture and civilization info on left panel after colonization of water province
FIXED building info button - now if on the province is an active building site, the button will be disabled
FIXED favor points and investments points on left panel info - now its displays correct values
FIXED target group country and province name info
FIXED advisor release from duty info
FIXED construction of Stock Exchange will now properly assign the building to the player
FIXED created stock market has connection with Chinese stock market
FIXED Hanobukten province will now start the game with the correct population and GDP values
FIXED autohide of scroll
FIXED UN Pop Up scaling
FIXED UN Unrecognized Countries Pop Up layout
FIXED rebel uprising bugs and issues
FIXED unification notification
FIXED many effects
FIXED minor issues in events
FIXED Anti-Aliasing option
FIXED synchronized in-game achievements IDs with Steam IDs
FIXED minor conditions issues
FIXED minor animations issues
FIXED minor localization issues

ADDED auto-save
ADDED hotkeys
ADDED new graphics options:
◦ Clouds toggle
◦ Trees toggle
◦ Terrain buildings toggle
◦ Airplanes toggle
◦ Ships toggle
ADDED top down view of the map
ADDED Austrian Empire unification
ADDED score bookmark shortcut on the top panel
ADDED provinces and countries filter on circle menu
ADDED war theaters view to war conflict popup
ADDED war score info when selecting provinces during war negotiations
ADDED cooldown to peace negotiations on the left panel
Added info on the top panel when the max amount of manpower or nuclear potential reached
ADDED difficulty info when choosing the country
ADDED empty section info - now if the section is empty, it will not be hidden, but will display the information "none"
ADDED blur to CancelGame, settings window, load window, save window
ADDED hidden effects and factors count info on left panel

IMPROVED leaving bloc due to too low relations
IMPROVED mechanism of historic relations
IMPROVED army management section from the left panel
IMPROVED armies should lose units evenly during battle
IMPROVED some advisors effects
IMPROVED left panel - bookmark's content stretches if slider is hidden
IMPROVED left panel loan buttons size.
IMPROVED negotiations cooldown info of war popup
IMPROVED taxes to unhappiness info on the left panel
IMPROVED colonization sections info on colonization popup
IMPROVED region info after colonization province
IMPROVED other province bookmark toggle state visualization
IMPROVED effects info - added missing values colors and fixed format
IMPROVED recruit unit popup info
IMPROVED trading point popup embargo and leader info
IMPROVED political approval info
IMPROVED localization in the missile mechanism
IMPROVED province select popup
IMPROVED province search panel
CHANGED discard button when you select province for army teleport - it is now disabled
CHANGED monthly incomes and maintenance costs have been severely rebalanced
CHANGED Relations between AI countries should now take more unpredictable routes over the course of the game
CHANGED Military Technologies will now offer additional boosts to units
CHANGED nation-specific units will now provide additional boosts
CHANGED system of setting resource income value in the colonies
CHANGED small details in projects

Modding Tool:
FIXED remove bloc
FIXED issues with game views
FIXED minor issues in Manual
IMPROVED information about global and starting relation after regeneration provinces
IMPROVED terrain painter editor
ADDED default values editor description in Manual
REMOVED unused parameters in default values editor
Version 0.75 Changelog

FIXED world economy graph - it should now display correctly minimal and maximal values
FIXED core claim and Fabrication of claims - they will no longer be available on provinces already claimed by players
FIXED building political system requirement - it should be checked when build or upgrade building on the province
FIXED Fight Corruption action - it will now be usable in capital provinces
FIXED a problem where several diplomatic actions were available without meeting the requirements
FIXED tasks that require players to change their political system - they should now work correctly
FIXED the broken money income from the recycling center buildings
FIXED environment degradation - every time a scenario was loaded environment degradation modifiers were added
FIXED adding Unhappiness modifiers to newly acquired provinces
FIXED countries will now correctly gain claims on provinces lost in civil wars events
FIXED updating cost of maintenance of army after unit dying in theater - now it should work correctly
FIXED an issue causing some provinces to cost more Warscore than intended during peace negotiations
FIXED modifiers from projects when annexing/losing provinces - they should now apply and remove correctly
FIXED missing shipyard in Poland - it is now restored
FIXED Syria will no longer be able to create Peru-Bolivian Confederation
FIXED sound on nuclear information item
FIXED some issues with AI, including war declaration by AI
FIXED some issues with notifications
FIXED some issues with defense pacts
FIXED NGO and effects/conditions related to it
FIXED many effects and conditions
FIXED AlienFX plugin - all connected Alienware devices should now be supported (even when not using an Alienware laptop)
FIXED reloading save from in-game menu
FIXED fundings and effects/condition/functions related to them
FIXED effects related to (un)lobbing parties
FIXED AI propositions in the UN
FIXED small issues in tasks
FIXED "Building Is Being Built On Province" Condition

ADDED a couple of dozen unification options, including restoration of the Roman Empire, Holy Roman Empire, unifications of civilizations, and many more.

IMPROVED investments will now generate much larger incomes
IMPROVED AI unit movement
IMPROVED displaying relations factors info
IMPROVED task popup effects info
IMPROVED war negotiations popup effects info
IMPROVED left panel:
◦ Clouds toggle
◦ Economy budget section info
◦ Economy bookmark stock market button position and section info
◦ Economy bookmark investments section
◦ Local wars info
◦ Global wars info
◦ Fixed investment element bad scale
◦ Added effects section to the unemployment section in the economy bookmark
◦ Added factors sections to economy bookmark
◦ Added war losses factors and effects section.
CHANGED AI should now be more willing to declare wars on countries that attacked its defensive treaty partners
CHANGED investments will now require positive relations
CHANGED Leader's Speech action - it be will no longer available for democratic countries
CHANGED Festival action- it will be no longer available for totalitarian countries
CHANGED rebel forces from civil war events - they will now start with smaller armies
CHANGED dealing with civil war events - it will now substantially lower player's Warmonger level
CHANGED civil war conflicts - Player will now be able to refrain from engaging in some of those
CHANGED effects and the chance of occurrence of the terrorist negotiations event chain
CHANGED project trees of several civilizations
CHANGED United Nations HQ will now restore itself correctly in another country after some time of being forced to shut
CHANGED Requirments and rewards of many tasks in the game
CHANGED description in ProvinceBuildingLevelCondition

Modding Tool:
FIXED two country effect for declaration war - now you can remove effects
FIXED deleting nodes from condition tree
Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Linux, Mac] 1.07 ⇒ 1.08.
Update 1.08 is here!

Greetings world leaders!

Update 1.08 for Realpolitiks II is here! This updates brings in a number of improvements and bugfixes as well as some more balance tweaks. You can check out the full changelog down below.

Change Log for 1.08:
• Improved some tooltip values rounding
• Fixed many issues with tooltip descriptions and their values
• Fixed a bug where the effects from the starting buildings were not applied
• Fixed some other minor issues with effects from buildings
• Fixed a bug that sometimes made the capital building invalid
• Fixed a bug which made the resolutions created just after loading the game not working
• Fixed a bug with implementing a specific type of resolution which might block some conditions
• to be Fixed: a bug with no sound during logos
Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Linux, Mac] 1.08 ⇒ 1.09.
Realpolitiks II update v1.09 is out now


Brand new patch for Reapolitiks II has just arrived, fixing many bugs and issues.

• The frequency of the outbreak of a rebellion has been changed - it shouldn't happen that often now
• UN eagerly adopts resolutions on an unrecognized player's country
• Changed the liberation mechanic - now it can recreate already nonexisting historic countries - If the country ceased to exist and the provinces in its historic territory were liberated, the devastated country would return to the world map
• Improvements and fixes in effects' values visualization
• Fixed missing music after loading saved game
• Fixed a bug where a saved game become corrupted and couldn't be loaded due to being stuck in the loading screen
• Fixed the issue where sometimes after loading the game some armies were bugged and unclickable or unable to be moved
• Fixed the issue where sometimes after loading the game some war theatres were bugged and unclickable or unable to resolve
• Fixed some rare issues with changing province's owner¨
• Localization fixes
• Fixed an issue where incorrectly assigned armies caused the game to freeze
• Fixed the problem where after breaking a bloc, the notification displayed the wrong flag of the country we are fighting

One more thing to add - a fan-made Japanese localization can now be downloaded from this link. It has not been officially made by the developer, but it has been tested by the players and should be perfectly usable.

Thank you for playing Realpolitiks II, have a good one!