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There are a few little secrets and and things you can miss. I tried to keep spoilers to a minimum, but some can't be avoided, so read at your discretion.

-Map of the house: To find the map of the mansion you must first locate the sleeping room with the many beds. If you move a chest there a nearby door will open that was previously locked. Behind this door is another locked door that can be opened by standing on the differently colored tile in the corner.

-Missable video: If you find a steel helmet, use it (pick up with left-click and right-click on itself)

-Missable videos: Once you know you have to go to Raquia try entering the first gate to the tower again.

-Missable videos: Once you know you have to go to Raquia go to the Arqua portal in the tower instead (use the map to find it).

-Missable videos (spoilers): I recommend trying to get the bad or deadly FMV sequences at least once (after saving of course), the scenes are quite elaborate and sometimes even reveal additional information:
--don't take the Gnarl's test (not deadly)
--decide to return to the house when first visiting the tower
--give Belial the Shrive
--equip the ring in Raquia BEFORE entering the final room and take it off once in there
--run up close to Belial (during gameplay, not during FMV)
--try to get Florentine from behind

-In Sheol you go through three puzzle oriented worlds. At the end of two of them is a guardian, but you don't have to defeat them, you can simply run past them through the portal. If you do defeat them, though, they leave behind scrolls that protect you from ****** and fire, respectively. The fire scroll makes the really tough flaming enemies in the next world disappear, the ****** scroll prevents an interesting event in the next world from occuring. I actually recommend NOT picking up the ****** scroll, because when you do, you completely miss an interesting FMV section.

-In the Sheol maze where you have to find the brains you can lower four hearts on pillars by interacting with the pillars, but it only works if you have found enough brains (Adam says he needs to "concentrate"). I still do not know what the purpose of doing this is. One thing I heard is that the guardian at the end only appears when you do this. Another thing I have read is that it makes more brains appear. Both seem to be wrong as far as I can tell.
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I notice that there are other missable videos as well. Once you have finished the game, you can visit and use the GDV player to view all of the game's FMV. Simply use DOSBox to run the program, if it does not work natively.

A script to provide a menu interface for viewing the videos would be nice, if anyone feels like knocking one up? :)