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Hi guy and gals,

I'm having trouble with a section on the game that appears to not show me a key to sue to move forward to the next part of the game.

It's on chapter 5 - The Offering; when I go into the chapel where you have to place a statue to jump on the pillar that moves you up to grab the key...the key isn't there! It's not in my inventory so I can't understand whats this a glitch or have I missed something earlier that I needed to do before that key will show it's self?

Cheers for any help / ideas!
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Unfortunately, I cannot help you in terms of clarifying why the key isn't there. But I can provide you with a save file just inside the chapel if that helps you?
Thanks for the reply - that would be really helpful to give that save point a go! Thanks and I’ll let you know how it works! Hey
Alright. Wish you the best of luck. ;-)
Kohde: Alright. Wish you the best of luck. ;-)
So tried using that link for the save but when I open it with the game it just takes me to the main page and the save patch doesn't appear on along with my other saves - any ideas?

I'm using an earlier 2011 Macbook pro...
Are you using the GOG Galaxy client? Because I usually play with a standalone DosBox/DOG installation of the game. Are the save files in a different format?
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