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another idea:
Did you mess with the DOSBox cycles? Perhaps it's an emulation or timing problem. Go to a window (by pressing ALT+ENTER) and tell me what the status bar says, it should be something like this:
"DOSBox 0.74, Cpu speed: max 100% cycles, Frameskip 0, Program: ROTH"

What CPU do you have?
Well, I made it and it all boiled down to one thing, the proper way to use the U key. I downloaded ROTH again and started from the beginning. When I got to the "STONE" I automatically did what I was supposed to do, hit the U button right after clicking on the mask, presto, there I was back in the tower. I new it would be a stupid reason, and I guess I was right, I mean I was taking my potions the right way, but...
Thanks to everyone who tried to help me along. I really appreciate it. Now that I have conquered it, I guess it is back to "PHANTASMAGORIA 2" now that I can download the game. See yea later:)