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I've played this game several times before (though not the GOG version), and have never had this situation occur. I've been playing along and everything has worked fine. I went to Raquia and it played through fine. However, on my return to the mansion, it appears that the game state has been reset to "beginning of game". All the doors have their initial "locked" symbols on them, and cannot be opened from the normal sides. I entered the entry hall (next to the front door) and the magic lock symbol was just floating in space (though the door opened). When I walked through it, it exploded (doing damage to me!!) and spawned the MIB which normally appears when that symbol explodes.

Walking back into the rooms, I find that all the doors have their initial "locked" symbols on them, and in fact cannot be opened. The den itself was locked, and I had to go through the "light the candles" sequence to enter. Once I stepped in, I got the normal "first entry" movie. However, Rebecca is still with me, and I have all the weapons and other inventory from the game!!

Unfortunately, I'm stuck at this point, because I cannot open the sarcaphagus to go use the Key of Tears (which *is* in my inventory), because all the snake artifacts are gone, presumably re-disbursed around the house.

I guess I *could* just replay the whole darned game, but I can only *guess* what will happen when I re-emerge from behind the book-case and Rebecca greets me, only to find that she's already with me!! This cannot be good...

I don't have any hacks or mods or anything else installed, that might have messed up my game.

Is there any way of salvaging this game??

My system:
Windows 7 64-bit, SP1
AMD Phenom 4 9750, quad-core cpu
8GB RAM, plenty of disk space

Well, I went back through all the levels behind the bookcase, and managed to recover enough snake sculptures to re-open the Key of Tears area (which is odd in itself, I should have been one short, I think... ??)

Anyway, from there everything is proceeding normally; picking up duplicate items doesn't seem to have broken anything, and I don't return to the house until the very last move of the game, so maybe I've managed to survive this major malfunction/bug. hmmm... I wonder if that will happen every time I play the GOG version of this game??
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Hey there.

My mums got the exact same problem. She's the furthest out of all of us (Realms is a bit of a family classic - me, mum and Grandad all played it in the day), and she's had the EXACT same problem.

Any help would be appreciated - though she did say going through again and stocking up on health would be nice.