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Has anybody been able to access the .gdv video files on a Windows 7 / 64bit system? I'm well aware of the normplay program that's available on the unofficial fan site, but alas, I couldn't get that to work. Any help, maybe even with regards to potential .gdv conversion, is greatly appreciated.
You can just mount the directory containing the videos and playdam.exe via DOSBox. Then, via the switch -1 you're able to dump all frames of a video as .pcx.
Sound is a different matter, you would probably have to record it separately, import all the single frames and re-synch it.

Here's all switches of PlayDAM:

PlayDAM: Variable-length frame GDV file player : 'Version 2.609'
Orignal verion by Jim Tebbutt & Graham Stone / Gremlin Interactive 1994
(C) Ratt 1994 (DOS4gw)
Usage: PlayDAM gdv_file[.GDV] [-flags]

-i Displays info about the gdv before playing {off}
-f# Fades the picture out when complete (1=slow, 40=fast) {off}
-s# Fades the picture in at the start (1=slow, 40=fast) {off}
-d# Specifies delay in 1/60 secs to hold image before fading/exit {0}
-r# Specifies read ahead buffer size in K {2048}
-q Turns off ALL messages (Allow no sound) {off}
-l Loop play {off}
-a Turn off join fade colour {on}
-t DEBUG run.. no IRQ code {off}
-j Convert 15 to 8 bit (if available) {off}
-b# Skip if Behind (2) {off}
-m Report memory usage {off}
-x SoundCard info. {off}
-c# CD test (#=k per second) {off}
-n Force interlace {off}
-w Force dbl-x pixels {off}
-h Force dbl-y pixels {off}
-z# 0=MODEX_320_? 1=VGA_320_200 2=VESA_640_480 3=Best_Vesa_Mode
-e DontClip display 320x400 on VGA 320x200 {off}
-u Switch X<>Y {off}
-p Progress bar Top_bar=Frames_in_memory Next_Bar=Frames_Behind
-8 Use internal code to convert 16 bit samples to 8 bit
-9 Use new 9 Bit sample player (naff on load samples)
-1 Save frames as DUMP0000.pcx

I dumped a video from Normality (which is using the same video format) and uploaded a single frame as JPG.
dump0001.jpg (31 Kb)
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Dank' dir vielmals, edler Vinz!
In case any of you folks are still interested, I recently happened upon a post on the Gremlin Archive webspace, linking Tony Crowther's Gremlin Digital Video Player and thus greatly alleviating the process of accessing the cutscenes for ROTH. Maybe some of you find this useful. Have a good day or night everyone!
Recent ffmpeg codecs also can play GDV.