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Hi fellow RotH players! Apologies if these are silly or old questions but I'm baffled...

1. How do you save? I press F9 and it brings up a box saying 'Save A Game' and I click on "OK to replace" (even though I don't have any save games to replace) but when I quit out and reload the game, there is nothing to load. All the save slots are empty.

2. Is there any way to get back to the title screen menus from in the game? If I press escape it just gives me the option of quitting to DOS.

3. Is the darkness/shadows supposed to look so strange? The shadows in my game have oily, moving purple streaks in them. The game is still playable but I wonder if that's how it's supposed to look.

I've attached a screenshot that sort of shows what I mean. You can see them especially around the edge of the ceiling. It looks worse in game because it's brighter and the shadows are moving around like crazy.

Thanks for any help.
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1. In the UK version (the one GOG provides) you can only really save after each chapter. The F9 save is a quicksave that you can load with F10.

2. I don't think you can, but you shouldn't need to. There should be some kind of options menu that you can access from the inventory that provides all the options that the titlescreen does.

3. I'm fairly sure that's how it's supposed to look.

To fix the first problem, I'd recommend installing this patch to turn the game into the superior US version that lets you save anywhere, among other things.
You can save anywhere. Press the i key to bring up the inventory. Under adams picture is an icon with a floppy disk on it. That brings up a menu that lets you save, load, start a new game or quit to dos.

f9 is the quick save slot and you overwrite it everytime you save.
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A little color banding is inevitable, since this game has only 256 colors available. But it's possible you accidentally pressed the C button and made it worse.

You can change the brightness with the C and V buttons on the keyboard. Pressing C by accident will eventually result in strongly reduced number of colors (and visible color banding), just keep pressing V to fix this and minimize brightness, which I recommend for this game.
Thanks for the answers all! Much appreciated. :-)

Inevitably I found out how to save as soon as I posted - such is the way with these threads! The first save has to be done through the inventory and then you can quick save with F9. Not sure about the title screen business, but I worked out how to do that after putting on the US patch.

The colour banding thing seems to improve later on in the game thankfully.
I have found turning the gamma down to minimum in the game settings (while leaving your monitor settings the same) reduces the banding significantly.