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Hello everyone, and hello to the GoG staff.
Well... when I got the E-Mail telling me that GoG had the RoA series on sale, I immediately jumped the opportunity to get it. My old CDs are getting scratchy and I don't know how much longer they'll live.
But after the installation came a bit of disappointment: Both games lack the CD audio tracks. As you'll see from the RoA 1 soundtrack download, those were much, much better quality than you'll get from MIDI, even with a good sound font, and add a lot of flavor to the game.
Is there any chance the download will get updated with the CD version of the games?
On that note: The soundtrack download for RoA 2 is VERY incomplete. What gives?
This question / problem has been solved by Coalaimage
Fred_DM: i just learned about this when i looked at a recent German re-release of the trilogy. so, not only are the GOG releases not available in the games' original language (German, of course) they are also incomplete, missing the CD audio as well as the Heldenedition content (Heroic Edition).

i just went ahead and ordered the aforementioned re-release (Nordlandtrilogie Heldenedition) on DVD. they are pre-configured with DOSBOX, fully patched (unlike the similar JoWood release), include German language and CD audio, and they are provided in the extended Heldenedition. i grabbed this for roughly $15, so $5 per game. great deal if you asked me.
IIRC, this version still isn't complete, as it only has the single CD german release of Sternenschweif, not the double disc.

But it is the ultimate and best version of this awesomely awesome triology currently on the market.
I have sent the following ticket, I will follow up with GOG's response:

"As you may know, Realms of Arkania ("RoA") recently has gotten a Remake so I think it is a good time to readdress the issues GOG's version of RoA 1+2 have. I hope you might be able to come to a solution with the current licenseholders.

1. RoA 1+2 are not the CD versions and lack the audio tracks.

2. They lack the Heldenedition content (Heroic content).

3. Original German language is missing.

You can find more about the problems here:"