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I loved Rayman as a child, it will always be a very good plattform. 5 stars! But wait, something is feeling wrong...
I bought this and launched the game right away, but there was none of the music I remembered from the original copy of the game I once had.
I can confirm that Rayman Forver lacks more than half the soundtrack.... which is a big let-down.
The soundtrack that comes with the game however features 50 tracks, the game however does only include 19 (!) tracks. And, yes, I can also confirm that some of the missing tracks were in the original game (as I have already said above).
Please GOG, give us the original game which features the FULL & wonderful soundtrack!

I have also put this up as a review ("Rayman, what happened to your music?") - I think people should be made aware of this important fact.
You are totally right, I'm also surprised that most of the soundtrack is missing (some of the most famous tracks aren't present !)
The intro is missing as well (since it was absent in "Forever" as well) and GoG said that there are legal obstacles to overcome until they can get it . The situation is probably the same with the soundtrack.
I post just to say that I find a way to put the real (complete) soundtrack in the game, it's very simple.
I'll make a specific topic in a few minutes.
Does anyone else find it comical that GOG lists the quote, "Rayman was awarded . . . 'Best Music in a CD-ROM Game' . . . in Electronic Gaming Monthly's 1995 Video Game Awards" on the Rayman store page when so much of the music is absent? I'm just baffled that they would release the game in its current state. It's bad enough that I had to download some random Joe's zip folder from Megaupload just to fill in some of the missing pieces and get some of the music that wasn't there by default.

Are these games even tested before being made available for folks to spend their hard-earned money on? I would sure like to be able to purchase titles here knowing that I won't be missing out on something as important as a game's full soundtrack - especially when it's as instrumental to the experience as with a title like this.
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Half the soundtrack? Let's not exaggerate, here's whats missing when I quickly compare the GOG release to the original European release (English, German, French):

Track 8: Original is 4:43 min, Forever is 1, ambient and various melodies missing
Track 10: Forever has a slowed down version of same song
Track 13: Original: is 4:20 min, Forever is 0:52 min, various melodies missing
Track 14: different in both games, Forever contains some missing parts from original Track 8
Track 20: Original: english intro, Forever: same as original Track 10
Track 21: Original: french intro, Forever: has only 20 Tracks
Track 22: Original: german intro, Forever: has only 20 Tracks
Track 23: Original: english ending, Forever: has only 20 Tracks
Track 24: Original: french ending, Forever: has only 20 Tracks
Track 25: Original: german ending, Forever: has only 20 Tracks

The other tracks (and that is the majority) are identical as far as I can tell. Of course the original version is still better and I hope we can get it here on GOG, but it's not nearly half the soundtrack that's missing.
original.png (35 Kb)
forever.png (22 Kb)
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