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Is there any way to increase the "height" of the screen for Rayman Forever? I just noticed the screen height for the GOG version is a bit smaller when compared to console's. It can get annoying when there's a platform/powerup/collectible above you, and you can't see on GOG version while on consoles you could.

Since I don't have my PS1 at hand, I hope some youtube's will suffice to illustrate what I mean:




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In Options>Graphic Details there is a "Zone of Play" option, try changing it.
Thanks for the reply.

Zone of Play is already at maximum, though. Changing it only makes things worse.
If I compare your screenshot with the videos the problem is not the screen height but the fact that the PC version is a bit zoomed in so you can see less. Unfortunately this must have happened while porting the game to PC. I tried with Unltimate Rayman and max resolution - still no success to get a equal picture like the ones in your videos. I guess you just have to live with the fact that the PC version is not exactly like the PS1 or the Saturn version. You can however look up to see a bit more - still not as much as you could see in the other versions though.
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It's due to the different aspect ratio that the PC version has a cropped top/bottom. If you are standing still you can hold up to look upwards, but that's all you can really do.