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The game straight up won't open no matter where I attempt it from, either from GOG's launcher or running the game's launch file as an administrator. Running on Windows 10.

I have DirectPlay enabled, so that's obviously not the issue. I played Rayman 2 just fine, but for some reason Rayman 3 is just...straight up refusing to even launch.

Also attempted Troubleshoot Compatibility. Running in Windows 8 and previous did not work either.

Another issue seems to be that R3_Setup_DX8.exe won't open, even with administrator running. Troubleshooting compatiblity and running under Windows XP service pack did not do anything.

ubi.ini is missing, and any folders other forums claim should contain it do not exist. (no Ubisoft folder within "%LocalAppData%/VirturalStore/Windows", as an example another post said to look under). I currently have an extra ubi.ini someone had on google drive, but this is all very strange.
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Okay, so I. Somehow fixed this. Whoopie.

Basically I went into the folder that has my GOG games, deleted rayman 3's folder. Went back to GOG Galaxy, had it verify the files and restore. Now it. Works? So IDK if there's something wrong with the files from Installing vs Verifying, or if Better Rayman 3 broke everything.