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Hello Everyone. Found rayman 3 the other day while I was going through some of my old stuff and decided to install it. The problem I'm having is that it wont run. How do I fix this?
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Have you tried common things like running as admin, setting compatibility mode to Windows XP Service Pack 2 and 3 and enabling Direct Play under Windows legacy settings?
Yes nothing seems to be working
Does the ubi.ini file under C:/Windows/Ubisoft have any Rayman 3 content?
Doesn't seem like I have an ubi.ini file
Place this file in the folder I mentioned above:
RayCarrot: Place this file in the folder I mentioned above:
Tried didn't fix it :(
Try also placing it under %LocalAppData%\VirtualStore\Windows\Ubisoft
and run as admin

Just to verify also, you did run the setup?
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It wasn't starting for me either running Windows 10. I opened the game folder and ran Rayman3.exe as an administrator and it worked mostly. Everything except the sound effects, only sound was the music.
i had to launch "R3_Setup_DX8.exe" in the games folder once for it to work. no compatibility mode or admin required