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I purchased the Rayman collection some time ago and finally got some time to play it. But I have a problem with Rayman 2. First time I tried it, it showed me the 3DFX Logo, then long time black, then a blue screen concerning my graphics drivers(I never had a blue screen in two years since I bought my Computer). I found a topic here where someone recommended to launch the GXSetup and change the renderer to DirectX6. I did that and now the game just stops working and gives me the standard windows problem blabla error.
I also tried compatability mode for Win 98 and Win XP but nothing works.
I use Windows 7 64bit with a AMD Radeon 7770 GHz Edition.

Edit: Rayman 3 does not work either. There just nothing happens, when I try to start it.
Post edited March 03, 2015 by masterluck